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Use data from the department of health. You should use 3-5 dataset to tell a story.
You must use every tool at your disposal. You must use clear, concise and appropriate formulas.
1. The first page should be a cover page with hyperlinks to the other pages and a picture in the background.
2. The second page should be a dashboard (4+ charts on a sheet).
3. Include relative, absolute and mixed cell reference
4. use all the summary statistics (sum, average, min, max, count, etc.)
5. use at least two different instances of date and time functions
6. use at least three different formats such as number, date, custom etc.
7. use at least three different instances of nested if functions
8. use vlookup and index/match functions
9. create and use range names and use them in formulas
10. use at least three instances of conditional formatting, one of which needs to be custom formatted
11. design at least 2 tables
12. design at least 4 pivot tables
13. freeze panes
14. text boxes to explain
15. name your sheets and give them colors
16. sort the table at two levels or more
17. use the subtotal function
18. have at least four relevant pivot tables with at least two calculated fields (measures) and a calculated item
19. have a slicer available for the pivot table
20. create a variable data table.

You may obtain 3 dataset only from the link i sent.

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