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Choose one of the questions appearing below. Next, compose an answer of about 250-300 words within a Word document.
Questions to choose from:
(1) According to the selection we read, what factors contributed to the division of Israel into a northern and southern kingdom? Please be specific in your answer. Can modern people learn any lessons from all this?
(2) In the series of stories about Elijah, how many different times did God reveal his will and show his presence in mighty and supernatural actions? List them. Contrarily, how and when did he manifest himself and act in more understated ways? List these. Which way of acting had longer term effect? See if you can make an application to modern life.
(3) List all the parallels that you can find between the depictions of Elijah and Elisha. How do these men serve as ?types? of Jesus?
(4) Summarize the roles played by Sennacherib and Nebuchadnezzar in the selections we read. Then answer this question: Does the Bible portray them as agents of God or as merely ruthless and ambitious men, acting out of self-interest?
(5) As the Bible uses the word, what is a ?prophet? and what is their job? In your answer, give some concrete examples from the passage we have read.
(6) Based on what you read in this week?s readings, make a list of the kinds of criticisms and judgments the prophets leveled against the people of God. Next, make a list of the promises and words of comfort they delivered. How do Christians understand these prophetic promises as being fulfilled? Try to be specific.
(7) What were the main things that Ezra tried to accomplish? Why did he consider these things so important? Does his prohibition against intermarriage strike you as close-minded and hopelessly out-of-date? Or can a case be made for marrying someone of your own faith?

Choose a passage or theme from the passages read tell why you found this passage so compelling (100-150 words)

Divided Kingdom, Exile and Return


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