Chat with us, powered by LiveChat the correlation between social media and young adult with mental ill (body dysmorphia) in the united state | Refine papers

this assignment is research paper, it is 50 percent of my overall grade.
Using the list of topics provided, select a topic of interest to you on which to conduct
research. If you are using a topic of your choice, you need to get my prior approval.
You will need to identify an area of controversy relevant to the topic, conduct research,
write a thesis, and then compose an essay (8 ? 10 pages) based on your thesis. Your
paper will inform the audience about the issue and persuade them of the soundness of
your argument. You will use a minimum of seven (7) sources for your paper.
Your purpose is to analyze a debatable issue or situation and provide your audience
with a unique perspective or potential solution to a particular problem. Depending on
your findings, this can also serve as a call to action.

here is my research question: how does Instagram lead to body dysmorphia on young adult
in the united states?

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