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A 2-page double-spaced paper counting 30% of the course grade should be posted in Assignments in Sakai. The paper can be either an analytical evaluation of an assigned reading not yet discussed in class or if previously discussed, a paper that states something new and interesting beyond what was said in class. The paper should be in 12pt Times New Roman or Courier type with one-inch margins. It MUST be turned in either prior to the day the reading is discussed in class or within one week thereafter if you are intending to go beyond that discussion to state something new and interesting. In the event you choose to write about a reading scheduled for after week 14, the paper MUST be submitted before the end of week 14. No exceptions. No papers will be accepted after that date.

Please bear in mind that your paper is NOT meant to merely summarize an article or case report but should provide an analytical understanding of some philosophical issue in law that needs further evaluation. Obvious arguments against your position should be dealt with as you present your own position. Because it will probably take some time to sort out how you want to state your position, I recommended writing 6 pages before boiling your discussion down to two for submission in Sakai.

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