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Moral Duty, Reason, and Confederate Statues
In the past few years, social justice activists have advocated for the removal of statues of Confederate military officers, claiming that the legacy of such Southern militiamen is not one of American heritage, but of upholding racist ideals by ardently defending state rights to slavery. Defenders of the South’s Confederate ideals argue that rebellion is a part of Southern pride, and many believe that the South’s right to secede from the Union had more to do with protecting state rights from a controlling federal government.

Using your knowledge of moral responsibility and logical reasoning, evaluate two opposing articles (either of your choice or of the ones below) to discuss whether Southern states should leave Confederate monuments up as a part of history, or whether they should be taken down due to their promotion of racist values. Be sure to include a clear thesis statement which indicates your argument in favor of or against the tearing down of Confederate statues.

“What to Do With a Man on Horseback” – Troy Duster (Links to an external site.)

“In Whose Honor? On Monuments, Public Spaces, Historical Narratives, and Memory” – Gwendolyn Saul, Diana Marsh (Links to an external site.)

“Rated PC” – James Lileks (Links to an external site.)

“Why Removing the Jefferson Davis Statue Is a Big Mistake” – Al Martinich, Tom Palaima (Links to an external site.)

“The Confederacy Was on the Wrong Side of Humanity” – Mitch Landrieu (PDF)

“The Monuments Must Go: Reflecting on Opportunities for Campus Conversations” – Warren and Jack Christian (PDF)

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