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Managing Media Relations PRCC1-GC1040

Issues Press Statement Project

Spring 2022

When an issue breaks, regardless of your preparation, one of the best tools for controlling public perception of your brand is early communication with a press statement. The press statement articulates your story before someone else has the opportunity to.

This exercise is designed to measure proficiency in writing the kinds of documents and materials that an issues preparedness program requires.

Please read Chapter 5, ?Conflict Management? in Swann?s Cases in Public Relations Management : The Rise of Social Media and Activism (2019).

In that chapter, you will find case study #14 titled ??Lean Finely Textured Beef? or ?Pink Slime??? (pages 190 ? 212).


Assume you are an employee of Taco Bell (or another international food chain), which has decided to stop using lean finely textured beef in its food products, as a result of the backlash surrounding the product. Develop a press statement, following the ACCA Method, which articulates your organization?s perspective on the matter, and details the actions being taken.

A template is provided for ease of reference below. You may conduct whatever research you believe to be necessary, but do not expect that you will become expert in this topic. The statement should reflect all of the details found in the case.

In your response, you may create any additional information you find relevant. If you choose to make up anything, it should be credible.

In addition to the press statement, please provide one introductory paragraph articulating the approach you took to the release and why you chose that approach. Did you use an offensive or defensive response strategy? Perhaps you have determined vocal commiseration is best?


[CITY], [State]., [Month Day, Year] ?

[Introductory paragraph acknowledging an understanding of the issue in a few sentences, providing the most critical details.]

[Secondary paragraph expressing compassion to those that have been impact. If needed, provide additional context required to understand the situation]

[Third paragraph providing your organization?s point-of-view or stance on the issue.]

[Fourth paragraph offering details on the actions your organization is taking to correct or react to the situation in the short-term. Provide additional details on steps being taken to ensure this issue does not occur again in the long-term. Include information on next steps for those impacted (e.g., you can contact us for additional information at the following website).]

[Any additional details you feel are necessary to provide a point of view].

Deliverables and Key Dates?

April 19 Press Statement Due


A grading rubric is attached.

# # #

Rubric for Grading Press Release Projects

The following consideration will be included in determining your grade for the team project.

Explanation – 20 points

1. Did the introductory explanation articulate an understanding of how to approach issues management?

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