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See instruction for paper below:
5 or more pages for body of report with font size 12, double spaced
5 or more references, at least 3 are peer review journals less than 3 years old
Report includes a Title page, Abstract page, and a Reference page
The report is in APA style
See attached of outline created for the structure. References are included but may be subject to change under your discretion as needed.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this project. Thank youHostility Toward Russians Living in the U.S. and Other Countries

a)Russian-American are treated comparatively to Japanese-Americans during the beginning of World War II
b)The rise of Russophobia and the discrimination towards Russian-Americans.
2)1st Paragraph
a)The spark of the Ukraine war is similar to World War II?s pearl Harbor
3)2nd Paragraph
a)Financial Ramification on Russian-Americans
b)How sanctions affect Russian-Americans
4)3rd Paragraph
a)Discrimination of Americans towards Russian-American
a)What is the boundary that would separate the treatment of Russian-Americans currently to the treatment of Japanese-Americans during the late 1940s?
b)What can we do to prevent from history repeating itself?

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