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Choose Question A or B and write a 800 ? 1100 word essay defending or challenging the statement. You can rely on any of the course materials. The only outside research you need to do is to find an article/story/case dealing with either consumer bankruptcy or business bankruptcy to serve as an example of the position you have taken. The article/story/case will be part of your evidence to support your analysis. Use that example, the course materials and the attributes of ?good? policy outlined in this unit to defend your position. An excellent answer may identify some areas where reform is needed or highlight why reforms are not needed.

Important: None of the articles assigned or posted in this course can be used as your example. These course materials can and should be part of the analysis.

Note: This is not a research paper. It is an essay question, however, you should cite any sources you use in sufficient detail so that the instructor can go to them if necessary. Plagiarism will result in a zero on the assignment.

A. ?Consumer bankruptcy is the ultimate social safety net.?

B. ?Chapter 11 is broken as it doesn?t provide meaningful opportunities to rescue a business.?

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