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For this assignment, you will need to pick a disease that affects either the digestive or the excretory system and then answer the following questions about the disease in an essay format. To answer these questions, you must use at least 3 outside sources. These sources can be primary sources such as a journal article that reports the results of original research or a secondary source such as a review article or book. You may NOT use a web page. Each question should be answered thoroughly and in a straightforward manner. I would be very surprised if you could adequately answer these questions in an essay that was less than 3 typewritten pages long. You can either copy and paste your essay into the answer area or you can upload a file.

Please answer the following questions in your essay:

What is the name or names of the disease?
What are the symptoms of the disease?
What is/ are the organ system/s involved in the disease?
What has gone wrong in the disease? Be sure to describe the mechanism of the disease. This part of your answer may include a description of how the system works normally and should also include cause and effect for how things go wrong. This section should be very specific.
Who is susceptible to this disease? Does it strike one part of the population more frequently than others? Be sure to include percentages.
Does this disease show up in all parts of the world? Why or why not?
Does this disease need to be treated, or is it something a person can live with indefinitely?
What is the current standard for curing this disease or reducing its symptoms and how does it work? Do all people with this disease receive the same treatment? Be sure to include the mechanism.
Was there anything in your research over this disease that really stood out to you that you didn’t expect to find out or that you had never thought of before? Did this discovery challenge your assumptions about this disease and the role of medicine in society? After researching the prevalence of this disease in different parts of the world and society, do you think disease is only a biological phenomenon or does it contain cultural, economic, and social aspects that affect patient outcome?
Many of you are going into the health field. Did anything you learned about this disease impact your thoughts towards patient care?
Give the citations for the 3 sources you used.
What are the credentials of the authors of your sources (ie: is the author a medical doctor, a Ph.d., etc.)? In other words, why should you believe them? Do you usually think about the credentials of authors when you read an article related to the medical field? Can you make the assumption that the information in an article can be trusted? After this assignment, will you change your approach to deciding what to trust in articles?

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