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Secretary Deb Haaland is the first Native American Secretary of the United States Department of the Interior (DOI) and the first Native American to ever serve as a cabinet secretary. Her role as the head of the DOI has brought mass public attention to the plethora of injustices committed against Native Americans through colonization, including, but not limited to, Indian Boarding School atrocities, the stealing of land for National Parks and National Forests, and the epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women (#mmiw).

For this assignment, the student will examine how Haaland?s position (and voice) as a Native American in charge of the DOI has altered non-Indigenous peoples? views on (choose one) ? Indian Boarding Schools, public lands management, or #mmiw.

Length ? Compose a 500 word to 1,000 word essay utilizing one topic from the prompt and Haaland?s influence on that topic.

Format ? This essay must follow this standard, 5 paragraph format:

Introduction: This paragraph will contain a ?hook,? a brief description of Haaland, and your thesis statement (how Haaland and her position have influenced or altered public views on the topic you choose and why that is important).
Main Body: This section (again, composed of 3 paragraphs) should discuss the background of the topic you choose, Haaland?s changes/guidelines/influence on said topic, and the impact her changes/guidelines/influence have had on the public.
Conclusion: This paragraph contains a reiteration of the thesis. The student should conclude/sum up Haaland?s impact on the topic they chose. This is the last paragraph of the essay.
Students must include at least 1 reference to the assigned article of their topic choice:

(Indian Boarding Schools): Domesticity in the Federal Indian Schools: The Power of Authority over Mind and Body by Tsianina Lomawaima
(Public Lands Management): Dispossessing the Wilderness: Yosemite Indians and the National Park Ideal, 1864-1930 by Mark David Spence
(#mmiw): Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Report published by the Urban Indian Health Institute
Much of this assignment will be examining recent news articles regarding whichever topic you choose and finding sources that show the past stance (“According to Google statistics, #mmiw did not become a commonly used hashtag outside of the Indigenous community until 2020. Upon Haaland’s nomination as Secretary of the Interior, the #mmiw hashtag usage rose 1100%”). The goal of reading and referencing these articles is to see Haaland?s current stance and how that differs from the past U.S. stance. Again, it is vital that we share history with those who experienced it and fully consider their point of view when discussing their experiences. At least 2 reputable outside sources need to be referenced. Sources can include websites, articles, documentary films, television programs, or books. Students should make a strong attempt to refer to Indigenous sources (Indigenous authors, Indigenous reporters, etc). Students may include direct quotes or paraphrase from the source consulted but the source must be cited.

Important Notes:

Must use 1 required source (see above) and 2 reputable outside sources (3 references total, minimum).

Utilize a proper citation format, either MLA, APA, or Chicago style (for help, visit

Do not include a cover page. Follow this format when heading your assignments:

Title created by student (e.g. How John Lewis Contributed to the Civil Rights Movement)

Double spaced

No page numbers

Word count on the bottom of the last page of each assignment

Students should use Third Person

Essay must be uploaded in either PDF or Word format.

This is a standard 5 paragraph essay. You do not need to write more than 5 parag

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