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Answer part 1 & 2. Make sure you are thoughtful in your responses, demonstrating your ability to think, understand, analyze, and think critically.

Part 1

Cultural Metaphor: A metaphor is a direct comparison. When we make a cultural metaphor, we are making a direct comparison of what that culture is.

The term “melting pot” has often been used as a cultural metaphor.

What does the term melting pot mean?

*One perception suggests that all differences between people from various cultures would be melted down and merged into a uniform culture.

*A different perspective suggests it means a variety of cultures immersed and coexisting in the same space.

*The idea of a ?melting pot? has been critiqued for obliterating differences rather than respecting them.

What does the term melting pot mean to you? Do you view this as a positive or negative metaphor for US society? Support your thoughts with explanation, details, and specific example(s).

Part 2

Some examples of cultural metaphors are:

?Family Quilt? ?Jesse Jackson
?Collage or Rainbow? have been used to note differences exist and are a part of the overall society.
Scholar Flora Davis states the US is a ?salad bowl?
What do you interpret these cultural metaphors to mean? Explain. What would your own cultural metaphor be?

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