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Please Imagine Chinese Alibaba wants to entering India market.What would Project Communications Management Purpose Be?
Please write according to this specific situation and read the document that i Provide(Background Information),the question is Project Communications Management Purpose in this specific situation(Alibaba entering india market)
Proposal for
[Alibaba Entering Indian Market]

Summary of the Proposed Project

Alibaba Group is an integrated conglomerate in mainland China that provides Internet services. Its services include B2B trading, online retail, shopping search engine, third-party payments and cloud computing services. Annual active consumers of the Alibaba Ecosystem across the world reached approximately 1.28 billion for the 12 months ended December 31, 2021. Their mission is to make it easier to do business anywhere in the world.
As the world’s second largest populous country, India has been considered one of the potential superpowers of the world. The market size in India was expected to amount to 1.7 trillion U.S. dollars by 2026, up from 883 billion dollars in 2020 and it has more market potential that needs to be developed. We believe it is possible for Alibaba to replicate the success it achieved in China in e-commerce and online payments. Our main purpose is to successfully enter the Indian Market and achieve 50 percent market penetration in the next three years.
The Problem or Opportunity

First, there is a huge potential market in India. The current population of India is about 14 billion and the median age in India is 28.4 years.[ India population, (2022), Worldometer, ] That means there are important potential markets and considerable young people ?? the primary online shopping group in India. Second, since the pandemic, the Indian government has paid more attention to improving transportation and logistics to support the development of the e-commerce industry. Third, there are some cultural differences between India and China. Indian markets may have different consumption habits, local laws or regulations, and more complicated religions, ethnicities, and languages.
The High-Level Scope of the Proposed Project
The primary goal of the project is to open and expand Alibaba’s business in the Indian market. Since India has the second-largest population globally, its market has a solid potential to be developed with great benefits. Therefore, we aim to occupy Indian e-commerce within three years with half of its market size. To achieve our goal, we will localize some company characteristics, create a process that helps prepare the Indian local workforce and stakeholders to understand the culture of Alibaba, and develop a communication plan to orient and introduce the original members of Alibaba to the culture of India.
Proposed Deliverables and Objectives
?Hold weekly communication events for Indian local workforce and stakeholders to understand the culture of Alibaba. Alibaba can make a monthly report regarding communication plans and localize the company culture.
?Alibaba successfully launches its business in the Indian market, aiming to achieve market penetration of up to 50%,recruiting about 1000 local employees and 300 Chinese employees from the China management team.
?Alibaba can form long-term and steady business relationships with both local Indian and international suppliers to run the business efficiently, so that Alibaba can reduce overall cost and increase profits by 30%.

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