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? Use MLA formatting

? Double-space and avoid extra spaces

? Include a header and title

? Times New Roman size 12 font

? Bibliographic entries of sources should use hanging indention.

? Summary and Assessment portions should use standard indention

? Include a minimum of 3 (it used to be 5!) entries, each including the following:

? MLA full citation. For detailed information on what is and is not required for MLA electronic sources, see the following link:

? A brief summary of the source (5 sentences minimum of quality summary).

? Your summary should not be overly-general and should not scream, ?I didn?t actually read this article!? Take care not the copy text from the abstract for your summary as this would be plagiarism. Feel free to include one or two short quotes in the summary taken from the article?if you do this, it is not required to have a separate works cited page.

? An assessment of how the sources could be used in a hypothetical essay (5

sentences minimum of quality assessment).

? This section is a place for you to evaluate how a source might or might not be useful in a potential paper. Don?t just write, ?this source isn?t useful.? You need to give some good reasons why or why not it is what you are looking for. Look for specific reasons why the source either does or does not appeal to you?generally this will have to do with content covered in the source.

? Sources should be scholarly (peer reviewed) journal articles or book chapters obtained

from LSUA?s databases?websites, periodical articles, reviews, and encyclopedic entries are not appropriate

Formatting Sources

You may encounter different situations such as articles with more than 3 authors, or a book chapter as a source instead of an article. If you have any questions, consult Purdue OWL or come ask me. Note the following about two journal articles below:

1. The author?s name is always listed with the last name first, followed by a comma and then the first name. The ?cite? feature on LSUA library website may or may not automatically do this for you. When we have two authors, the second person?s name is listed normally.

2. These are both journal articles?we know this because of the periodical nature of the source (no. 1, vol. 48, etc.).

3. Titles of articles and chapters should be in quotes.

4. Titles of journals and books should be in italics (LSUA?s library ?cite? feature doesn?t always automatically do this for you)

5. The name of the database should be italicized. Both of these from the EBSCOhost database. Other databases include JSTOR etc.

6. You should include an access link OR preferably a doi. Use whichever the LSUA library cite feature generates for you.

7. While not required, a date you accessed the article is useful.

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