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Due Apr 04 by 1:59am

Points 20
Deliverable: 2 pages (not including cover and reference pages) APA-formatted document (20 points)

Articles in the news is your chance to find a substantive article that relates to the criminal justice topics and concepts we are discussing that week.

This week, you should select an article in the news and complete an analysis of the article. Remember to include the URL to the article. Your chosen article should be relevant to the assigned reading for the week demonstrating the proper and specific application to the assigned chapter reading. Remember to cite your text and your article.

Your analysis should cover the following.

(1) What weekly topic does your article address?

(2) What are the issues in your article that relate to the weekly topic?

(3) Why is this a relevant issue in the area of criminal evidence?

(4) Why did you find this article important?

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