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contains rime most narrowly defined as two or more words or phrases
containing an identical or similar vowel sound, usually accented, and
the consonant sounds (if any) that follow the vowel sound are identical.
In our reading assignments, you were introduced to seven types of rime.
For this exercise, I want you to identify and define the seven types of
rime. Then, I want you to find examples of each from poems in our
textbook. List the name of the poem and then provide a short passage
that illustrates each rime type. Make sure your document is in the MLA
formatting style. The rime’s are as follows:

Exact rime, slant rime, consonance, end rime, internal rime, masculine rime, and feminine rime

Poems such as: William Blake’s couplet in the “The Tyger”, “Strange Meeting” by Wilfred Owen, “The Cutting Wren” by W.H. Auden, Bantams in Pine-Woods” by Wallace Stevens, “The Kirk’s Alarm” by Robert Burns, “Resolution and Independence” by Woodworth, or “The Bridge of Sighs” by Thomas Hood are all poems in my literature book with those types of rime.

work cited is

Kennedy, Joe, and Dana Gioia. ?Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing, Regular Edition (14th Edition).14th ed., Pearson, 2019.

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