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Research Question: Transition to higher education, How is a student’s persistence to graduation affected by their transition to higher education?

(Examples of topics that fall under this would be: Bridge Programs, First-year experience, perspective/experience of students from lower social-economic classes, experiences before college, experiences at university, family, first-gen experience. Speak about how these things affect a student’s road to graduation whether it affects it positively or negatively and how.)

Produce a professional quality applied research paper of approximately 20-30 double spaced pages in 12-point Times New Roman or Calibri font ? excluding executive summary (one page), bibliography, and endnotes.

Annotated Bibliography – include a 100-200 word summary, which includes key questions, research methods, limitations, conclusions, etc. Every article you read in the course of the research should be included in the annotated bibliography, but not every item in the annotated bibliography should be included in the final paper.

Executive Summary – Provide a one (1) page executive summary. Executive summary pages are not included in the required page total for the paper. In this section, summarize the research questions, findings, and major recommendations.

Introduction – General background information on the topic and focus of the paper. Specify target audiences for the paper. Explain the importance of the study (answer the ?so what?? question). Make the paper appealing to the reader. (1-3 pages) (The target audience for this paper is the administrative staff at a university that tracks recruitment and graduation rates, I want to show them why the transition process for a student matters and affects their persistence to graduation, why the backgrounds that different students come from matter, and how it all plays its own part in a students journey.

Research Questions – List the research questions. (1 page)

Literature Review and Analysis – Present the first research question, then discuss the findings for that question. Present the second research question and discuss the findings for that question, and so on. Provide a concise, coherent, organized, analytical literature review. Use a discussion style. It is not appropriate to list each source and then provide a summary of the findings for each source. Avoid extensive direct quotations; use paraphrasing instead. For each research question, organize the discussion of the relevant literature according to the conceptual framework, findings, methodological approach, and/or date of publication. Use subheadings where appropriate. Do not rely too heavily on one or a few sources. Highlight areas of agreement and disagreement across the many sources you cite. Identify gaps in the research in the area of study. (15-25 pages)

Conclusions and Recommendations ? This section begins with a brief summary of the key findings. the final research question is addressed in this section: ?What are the implications for education policy and for future research?? Based on what you discovered in the literature review, provide suggestions for both education policy and for future research. Support the assertions. (1-3 pages)

Tables, Charts, and Figures ? Include at least one table, chart, or figure. Refer to the first table as ?Table One,? the second table as Table Two,? and so forth. Provide a title for all tables (e.g., ?Table One: Per Pupil Spending in New York State School Districts, 2010- 2019?). Place tables at the end of the paper, directly before or after the references section. Refer to all tables in the text of the paper.

References ? Provide complete bibliography containing the full first and last names of author’s cited. All sources in the bibliography must be cited in the paper. All sources cited in the paper must be in the bibliography. References should include scholarly journal articles, books, and reports. Use only credible Internet sources.

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