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Tim’s Vermeer film review

You will be asked to write a short film review (minimum 500 words/two pages of double-spaced text) of the documentary Tim’s Vermeer (2013). The film review is worth 64 points. The film is available to all ASU students through the library website hereLinks to an external site.. It is also available for rent or purchase on Amazon, iTunes, and YouTube.

In your review, you will summarize the plot of the film or its story and the major characters in it. In the review, you must:

Describe Tim Jenison’s hypothesis of Vermeer’s working method?what technologies does he think Vermeer used to make his paintings?
Give your opinion on whether you think the film is successful. Did the main characters prove their argument, in your opinion?
Address if the film made you think any differently about Vermeer and his contribution to art history.
Determine whether you think this was a good film. If not, why not?
Be specific about the causes of your opinions, about how you evaluated the film!

In your film review, you are encouraged to follow these solid suggestions

, though your review does not need to be as extensive.
You will submit your review through the Canvas portal and it will be graded following the assigned rubric. Your review will be screened through the plagiarism software TurnItIn; plagiarized submissions will receive no credit.

You do not need to refer to external sources to write your review. If you choose to do so, please adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style (Links to an external site.) to cite your sources.

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