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Assignemnt topic and subtopics: The topic I am taking up is Indigenous education, focusing on the importance of decolonizing and indigenizing our current system of education in Canada. This paper should emphazise the importance of place and land as sources of learning. How does Indigenous learning help in the development of children? what is the significance of Indigenous pedagogy and what that means? ie; Land, Language, Culture, Spirituality…etc
Lastly, this paper should examine the ways in which the current canadian education system still upholds colonialist practices and how to move away from these.

Assignment Description: The purpose of this assignment is to deepen knowledge and understanding of a significant and current context of education, including its possibilities, processes, and challenges through educational
scholarship. By reviewing, synthesizing, and analyzing scholarly and professional resources.

Particularly, this assignment asks you to reflect upon your own beliefs, values, and assumptions with respect to the viewpoint(s) considered.

This assignment is also designed for you to become familiar with the University of Alberta?s library
system. You will need to search for academic resources that address or respond to the problem or
possibility you are exploring (either online or physically in the library). You are not strictly limited to
academic literature, you can also use professional journals, class materials, newspapers, books, videos, interviews. However, at least four (of seven) resources/sources of knowledge must be peer-reviewed journal articles. American Psychological Association?s style (APA). This is the Faculty of Education?s accepted reference and citation style; see for more

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