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The two articles I sent Must be used, as well as one additional article that is attached in the instructions file. And other research may be done if needed, from scholarly sources only.

I am also sending a draft of the essay right now that may be incorporated into the final paper.

Ana S.
2 minutes ago
The Non-Recommended Use of Anti-Depressants, SSRIs During Pregnancy

APA formattingTerm Paper Instructions

Title: The Non-Recommended Use of Anti-Depressants, SSRIs, During Pregnancy
Topic: Anti-depressants and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) should be avoided during a pregnancy in favour of non-medical solutions to maintain the mental health of mothers along with the health of fetuses before and after birth.

The purpose of this assignment is to encourage students to apply classroom knowledge to real-world issues, to improve critical thinking and writing skills, and to engage directly with the scientific literature (beyond that is summarized in the text). You will therefore be asked to select one of the topics below. Each topic is associated with a popular press article targeted towards parents that argues for or against a parenting choice.

-Clearly define your position (thesis statement), provide an outline for your argument and the terms of your argument
-There should be a clear structure for the essay (overall and within each paragraph)
-When introducing evidence, make sure to add interpretation or paraphrase to make your analysis clear
-Please be mindful of making your arguments clear and coherent, proper citations and few grammatical errors

Popular Press Article to be used in writing your paper:

Using course material alongside relevant articles from the bank of additional secondary sources (and any others you may wish to find), you will provide your own expert synthesis of the evidence and provide your own critical evaluation of the issue which references course material and other scientific literature, as well as your own considered and reasoned opinions.
-No direct quotations
-You are welcome to do additional research (discuss additional articles beyond what is provided below). This is not required and you will not get “extra points” for referencing additional work unless this helps support your argument. Additional sources must be properly cited and clearly described (which may be difficult given space limitations).
-Additional sources must be from scholarly sources

Essays will be evaluated on the quality of these arguments, as well as their integration of course material and understanding of/ability to integrate information from additional sources in to the argument.?You should strive to present as strong an argument as possible. In general, the “best” arguments will have a logical flow of ideas and rely on empirical evidence, and making logical, evidence-based arguments in each paragraph is the approach I would recommend.?

An effective paper will have some nuance: so not just good/bad or agree/disagree, but synthesizing the pros and cons of each perspective on the topic you have chosen, and explaining which is more compelling based on the evidence and what you know about development.

You can definitely make counter-arguments and dispute the claims made in the articles! You can refer to other specific experiments as well. I can’t give you specific advice on how much you should describe the experiment, though, because that will depend on the context – it’s usually fine to just mention the key finding, particularly?for shorter papers like this one,?but you can go into more detail if it’s necessary for your argument.

?Introduction: clearly introduces reader to topic, defines key terms, explains why topic is important
oSentences to contextualize the issue you are focusing on (1-3) then introducing your thesis roadmap before concluding the paragraph (2-3).
?Thesis?statement?&?organization: clearly defining your position, providing an outline for your argument and the terms of your argument (e.g., is there a clear definition of terms and foreshadowing the kinds of evidence that will be discussed and weighted)
oYour thesis should be a specific and limited statement about your position on the topic, which you’ll then elaborate on and explain in the body paragraphs. Thus, thesis statements should be more nuanced than simply stating whether you agree or disagree with the topic, and they should indicate which side you find more compelling and why. You should discuss the pros/cons in the body paragraphs (not just the side you find more compelling), and the conclusion should not bring up anything new that hasn’t already been discussed in the body paragraphs.
?Argument?Logic?and Critical?Analysis: Do the arguments support the position? Are they convincing? Are there any logical gaps in the argument? appropriate summarizes existing research and critically evaluates its strengths/weaknesses, provides concrete examples to support position?
?Conclusion:?provides a brief summary of position taken and key arguments made, reiterates the importance of the topic
?Structure: Do paragraphs have topic sentences and a clear structure? Is there a clear logical structure for the essay overall?
?Mechanics:?Is the argument presented in a clear fashion (with all words and sentences being as clear as possible)? Are references cited properly? Are there grammatical errors? spelling, tone, proper tenses

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