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project and Presentation: You are required to select an area of the hospitality and tourism industry and research a particular technology that is used in the industry. You must submit a PowerPoint or Prezi Presentation on the technology chosen. There is NO limit to the number of slides you can have. Please make sure to address the below in the following order:

? The brand, make, and year

? What is the cost of the technology?

? How is the technology utilized in the industry chosen?

? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the technology?

? How can this technology help managers and employees in their daily operations?

? What training procedures are provided for using the technology?

? How can this technology increase guest satisfaction?

? How does this technology contribute to the sustainability of the industry?

? Identify at least ONE other competitive technology similar to the technology chosen? And explain how it is different from the technology chosen. Please ensure to include important information that can compare the two technologies.

? You must include at least two (2) references in the APA format to support your presentation.

? Your presentation slides must be in the order listed above, and slides must be labeled accurately.

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