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Throughout the semester, we have discussed different concepts about sustainability. It is one thing to learn about sustainability, but seeing examples of this in real life is important!

In this quiz, you will describe a story about sustainability in your own personal life. It can be a personal example where you tried to be more sustainable in your lifestyle or someone you know closely like a friend or family member who has chosen a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Part A: You must choose 1 unique story before the last day of classes.
If it is a personal example, explain the details of what you did or are doing to be more sustainable.
If it is an example based on a friend’s or family member’s lifestyle, explain how that person has tried to be more sustainable.
Part B: For your chosen example, use 3 different concepts we discussed in class to explain how the story promotes sustainability.
You cannot use the same example as another student and you must write your entries in your own words.
Provide a picture that you have taken using your own camera that shows the example of sustainability. The picture must include your face in the picture.
Write your answer on a word document and include the picture you have taken.
Your submission will be counted towards your Quizzes and Participation marks for the semester.

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