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Write 6.5 pages on the relationship between Paul and his mother, Mrs. Morel, and the other women in his life. Below are thoughts to help you.

Is Mrs. Morel the most important woman to Paul throughout the novel, or are there moments at which his relationships with Miriam or Clara take precedence? If so, what is the significance of these moments? Why does he always come back to his mother in the end? You may also want to trace the theme of a higher level of understanding between Paul and his mother throughout the novel, possibly beginning with his illness immediately after William?s death.

once wrote that he who is a favorite of the mother becomes a conqueror. Freud
never doubted that the attachment which, abnormally protracted, makes a son
feel that loving any woman but his mother is a ?desecration, yet such an
attachment, in its early primal force, gives to the son a particular kind of
strength, a spiritual strength, not the masculine wildness but a pride and a
courage and an ambition that sustains a belief in oneself.?

Make a clear arugeable thesis then proved proof of your arguement from text from the novel. Use quotes from the novel.

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