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Based what you learned about the different class levels, how do you think children from differing social classes would acculturate differently? In at least 6 sentences …
State two very different class levels.
Then, based on what you learned from the assigned reading pages, describe the various class cultural traits two different children would end up learning being raised within each class level.
Explain how you think each of their class culture obtained would shape their manner of functioning and reacting in society, and their future life chances?
Make sure to respond to all of the above for item #1. (10 points)

Refer to the information in this module on education inequality to help you respond to question 2 below:

Do you think the government should take steps to try to reduce racial and ethnic differences in education, or do you think it should take a hands-off approach? In at least 5 sentences, explain and provide ample support and/or examples or suggestions to support your response. (5 points)

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