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a healthcare administrator, it is your responsibility to ensure that
the right people are in the right place, with the right resources, and at
the right time. This is not always an easy challenge, and therefore,
forecasting into the future of available supplies and assessment of potential
demand are crucial. In other words, just get very good at seeing
into the future.

Lee (2019) works to address the application of forecasting and supply and
demand analysis, one important organizational resource continues to remain a
challenge to the administrator: having the right people to do the job.
With both physician and nursing shortages across the nation, both Cohn
(2009) and Coile (2001) do a great job discussing how to manage the supply and
demand of vital clinical personnel within their organizations. Discuss
their attempts to complete the task of forecasting provider shortages, as well
two methods that you feel are the most influential in this challenge for the
administrator. Do you see yourself implementing similar organizational
initiatives to ensure successful supply of providers based upon market

help support your response, cite specific details from this week’s additional
required readings by Cohn (2009) and Coile (2001), as well as one
other supporting reference (peer-reviewed journal article from the SIU
Library Online Database).

K. H. (2009). The Lifelong Iterative Process of Physician Retention. Journal
Of Healthcare Management, 54(4), 220-226.

Coile Jr.,
R. C. (2001). Magnet Hospitals Use Culture, Not Wages, to Solve Nursing
Shortage. Journal Of Healthcare Management, 46(4),

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