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I have attached the instruction for the research outline under the document Research Proposal Outline. Please follow those instructions under that specific file. Now you are using the information to create this Outline using the file named Hypothesis Assignment. I hae also attached the rubric for this assignment under the file name Rubric. Please if you have aby questions Let me know.

Hypothesis Assignment

AnJanae Cutno
Georgia State University
Social Psychology
6 March 2022

Hypothesis Assignment
African Americans are at higher risk of developing obesity than other ethnic and racial groups because of less access to physical exercise programs and increased food insecurity levels.
Research Methodology
It refers to how a researcher meticulously organizes the research design to carefully strategize a study to certify consistent and binding research findings which clearly addresses the purposes and the objectives of the research (Choy 2014). In this study two research methodologies will be applied to collect both qualitative and quantitative data. The instrument used to collect quantitative data during the study will be a close ended questionnaire and in-depth interviews will be conducted with senior nutritionists within the university.
Research Design
In this study a combined research design was used to collect both qualitative and quantitative data. A Combined research design was used in this study because it provided a more inclusive and comprehensive understanding of the problem of research as compared to using both qualitative and quantitative methods only.
Data Collection
The quantifiable data will be collected through the administration of questionnaires to African Americans who are eligible students within the University. In-depth interviews will be conducted to get qualitative data from senior nutritionists within the University.
Ethical considerations
In the research process, it is very important to uphold ethical principles in research (Flick 2015) these considerations are mandatory in carrying out research and reporting the findings in respect to the dignity, truth and persons. Letter of informed consent will be administered to the participants explaining to them the intention of the research and their rights during the study will be elaborated (Knipe& Mackenzie 2006). Anonymity and respect of research participants will be ensured. All participants selected will give the chance to voluntarily participate in the research and confidentiality of the information will reflected by not exposing information from the respondents to other people.
Conclusively, this study may be helpful in the strategic development plan of the University by providing relevant information to the existing data on obesity and hence acting as a source of empirical literature for future studies on obesity among African Americans.

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