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answer these 4 questions each needs to be 250 words answer
– make sure to not use intext citations
– do not plaigarize
– make sure to answer the questions directly and dont use sources come up with your own examples

1- Select the three people working in the 20th and/or 21st centuries that, for you, had the strongest influence on the discipline of psychology, and critically evaluate their influence.
2- Select one of these experiments: the Milgram experiment or the Stanford Prison experiments. Discuss why it is considered unethical and provide an alternative, ethically sound, experiment design to study the research question addressed by the experiment you selected. This experiment design can be an existing one or one of your invention.
3- Critically discuss the notion of ?tabula rasa? within the nature-nurture debate.
What is the place of psychology within the divide of science on one hand and humanities on the other? Illustrate your answer with examples.

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