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Read the article: “Should You Trust Media Bias Charts?” (

After reading the article, consider your project and what your experience has been with each source of media to formulate your answers to the following prompts. Write at least 300 words using the discussion prompts to guide your content. Then, respond to at least two of your peers? posts using at least 150 words for each.

Discussion Prompts
Compare the two charts discussed in the article. What are some differences in their bias labels?
Do you agree with the charts and the information in the article about bias charts? Why or why not? Provide evidence for your response.
Look back at your knowledge about your project topic and the media at the beginning of this course. What is one thought or belief that has changed or shifted since beginning the project? What one that has stayed mostly the same?
How does this article change or confirm your thinking on the articles you have found thus far?

Sheridan, J. (2021, February 3). Should you trust media bias charts? Potyner.

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