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Pharmacologic Competency

Based on the reading that is attached to this order please answer the following questions:

1. What behavioral management drugs should not be suddenly discontinued and why?

2. A patient has taken and opioid daily for chronic pain for many years. He now complains that the drug
seems to ?not be working
anymore.? Is this an indication of drug seeking behavior or substance use

3. Why is it usually recommended to take an antidepressant for 6 weeks before determining if it is

4. A middle-aged woman is diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis and requires opioids to manage her pain.
She has been asked to
sign an opioid patient care agreement (OPCA) and submit to urine drug
screening. The patient is very upset, feeling that these requirements are labeling her as a ?drug addict?
and she cannot understand why these approaches are necessary. Wat counseling approach would help
the patient and the care team?

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