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APA 7 scholarly paper
based on a patient with anemia and chronic kidney disease
. The paper needs the based on established research findings. Pathophysiology of anemia and chronic kidney disease. Please try to expain how renal disease can cause anemia. Causes and risk factors of condition. Diagnosis based on clinical manifestations and lab tests ( i will provide). Appropriate therapy with a focus on the primary goals of treatment and common non-pharmacological and pharmacological and surgical approaches. Summary and conclusion. ( dont use I)
I have already done the first portion of the rubric below. which are the bullet points provided. I only need the second portion worth 12 points the summary and conclusion76 year old female
Chief complaint
?Generalized weakness
?Atrial fibrillation (on Eliquis)
?Aortic stenosis (TAVR (Trans Aortic Valve Replacement in 2019))
?Bilateral carotid artery stenosis
?Chronic anemia disease and iron deficient anemia
?Pill endoscopy revealed gastritis and patches of blood in the small intestine with likely small bowel AVM?s
?Chronic anemia
?Adenomatous colonic polyps
?Pulmonary hypertension
?Bilateral carotid artery stenosis
?Atherosclerosis of Aorta
?Atrial fibrillation
?Long term non-Warfarin anticoagulant therapy
?End stage renal disease in dialysis
?Intercostal Neuralgia
?Anemia due to ESRD
Family History
?Brain tumor Mother
?Hypertension Mother and Father
?Stroke Father

Social History
?45 year 1 pack a day smoker. Quit for 8 years.
?Previous heavy drinker
Lab tests
?HGB 5.6
?HCT 17.1
?BUN 39
?Creatinine 5.64
?GFR 7
?Potassium normal
?Chloride 97

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