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Below are four articles about the potential for harm or benefits of social networking sites. Select one article and conduct a 3-5 page (double spaced) critical review according to the questions listed. DO NOT write out the questions in your paper.

Holmgren, H. G., & Coyne, S. M. (2017). Can?t stop scrolling!: Pathological use of social networking sites in emerging adulthood. Addiction Research & Theory, 25(5), 375?382.

Hunt, M., All, K., Burns, B., & Li, K. (2021). Too much of a good thing: Who we follow, what we do, and How much time we spend on social media affects well-being. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 40(1), 46?68. doi:10.1521/jscp.2021.40.1.46

Clark, J. L., Algoe, S. B., & Green, M. C. (2018). Social network sites and well-being: the role of social connection. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 27(1), 32-37.

Roberts, J. A., & David, M. E. (2020). The social media party: Fear of missing out (FoMO), social media intensity, connection, and well-being. International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, 36(4), 386?392.

What was the rationale for the current research (the answer to this should include a discussion of previous literature and main psychological concepts or theories)? Be sure to cite and reference secondary sources. These are sources utilized by the authors of the study under review.
What is the current hypothesis/es or research questions?
How many participants were in the study? Describe the group of participants (gender, age, race, religion).
Describe the procedure. In other words, what happened to the participants from the time they began the study until the time it ended. Make sure to include any measures (surveys or questionnaires) and/or materials (technology or props).
Did the data support or fail to support the hypothesis or what or the answers to research questions? The answer should be in plain English. You should not be using numbers (statistics) in your answer.
What are the implications of the research? In other words, how does this work affect everyday people, theory formation, interpretation of current events etc? Make sure to describe the principles, theories, and, or concepts being examined within the article and how they relate to Media Psychology. You can reference the textbook within this answer to tie in some of the concepts we are learning.
What were the limitations of the current study? You do not need to use the limitations given by the author(s) of the study. Feel free to rely on what you?ve learn about research methods and ethics to suggest your own.
Be sure to cite sources in the text of your writing. In addition, all sources used in the review must be referenced in a reference section.
Use APA 7 style for writing stylistics, citation style and reference style.
Write in paragraph style (no bullet points or numbers) always keeping an academic tone.
The 3-5 pages must contain content and do not include title or reference page

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