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IB803P Marketing 2021 ? 2022 Occ 1
January ? April 2022 Assessment Paper


Throughout this module, we will discuss different marketing theories, concepts, and models, as well recent trends and evolving issues. In this assignment you are asked to apply some of the frameworks discussed in the course to a real-life company.
Your task is to write a report which does the following:
A.Identify a firm which you think needs improvement in terms of its marketing.. You may not keep your choice of firm confidential, it must be named in the assignment, and identifiable by the marker. As such, you must provide a website address for this firm so the marker can be clear on the firm?s identity
B.Identify the market segment(s) that the firm is targeting, and its current positioning, and critically evaluate them.
C.Based on your evaluation, recommend the target market(s) and positioning strategy that would be most appropriate to the firm?s long-term objectives.

Please note, your firm choice (A) must be justified, based on your views of the key performance indicators of relevance to this market / firm. Further, both your evaluation (B), and recommendation (C), must be clearly justified based on the key micro and macro environmental factors that you think are the most important influences on the firm.
Please write the report as if you were writing for the CEO of the company you have chosen. Bullet points are acceptable where necessary, but must be integrated with the report as a whole. The report must be well-structured, coherent, and flow logically.
A suggested structure for the assignment is provided below. You are not required to use this structure, but it is one which has proven popular in the past
Appendices are allowed, but should only be used for supporting material and analysis, not to make additional substantive points. The report must be coherent and self-contained without relying on the reader consulting the appendices.
Before asking for further advice, please consult the FAQ Document which is posted online on the Individual Assignment Forum

Referencing is a requirement, and where material is being quoted from elsewhere, it must be acknowledged. Please use Harvard Style referencing and consult
Please include a title page with your student number (do not include your name on the title page).
Please note you are not required to use this structure, but it is one which students have found helpful in the past.
Section 1: Introduction: in which you state and justify your chosen company Including a website address for the company.
Section 2: Current situation, target market, and position Section 3: Critical evaluation of current target and positioning Section 4: Recommended future target market and position
Please note, within these sections, you must also make sure you deliver material which fulfils the assignment brief and assessment criteria to obtain a high grade.

Length: 2500 words

Deadline: 18 April 2022 before 21:00:00 (UK time) Submission: Electronic Submission on

Procedures relating to submitted work
Please refer to your Student Handbook ? Assessments regarding how to format your assignment and make submissions online.

Please ensure that you have inserted a completed assignment coversheet, which must be included as the first page of your script. The template can be found in your Student Handbook ? Your Assessments ? Assignments – Guidelines for Online Submission.

When you submit this assessment online, you will be required to tick a declaration box indicating that the work involved is entirely your own.

We would consider a piece of work to be not entirely your own if it is too reliant on the words of particular authors (rather than presenting their ideas in your own words), if the essay uses the ideas or words of an author without referencing them or putting their words into quotations, or if your work suggests that you have worked very closely with another student.

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