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Looking Objectively at Two Sides of an Issue

The is the format that must be used!

These are the sections you MUST include in the Paper Format along with an appropriate subtitle for each section.

TITLE, authors

Summary of Findings (ABSTRACT) (150-200 words) 1/2 page

Introduction and Background to the Issue (250-500 words) 1 page

The Position FOR (800-1000 words) 4 pages

The Position AGAINST (800-1000 words) 4 pages

Conclusions and Final thoughts (150-250 words) 1/2 page

References (at least 10).

The Final Paper should have an Introduction with Background to the issue or the problem at hand as well as a Summary of Findings and Conclusions.

The body of the paper, which includes the for or against arguments, should be approximately 800 -1000 words in each section (4 pages).

Each section should include citations within the text and full references at the end of the section.

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