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This article review will serve as a lead in for your case study. The injury/condition you do your article review on will be the same one you will do your case study on.

– For the article review you are to:

o Choose a knee injury or condition that you would like to know more about (ie ACL, total knee replacement, meniscus tear, arthritis, etc) and search for an article that talks about that injury/condition in general and/or a treatment method for the selected topic

? Where to find a scholarly article:


o Search for your topic, when the results page loads look to the left hand side and click on ?Free Full Text?

? Google Scholar

o Look for articles that have [PDF] and a website next to the title, these are the ones that are free.

o Provide a summary (do not copy and paste the abstract, use your own words)

? Overview of the article/study

? What were the researchers looking at?

? What were they predicting the outcome would be?

? Procedures/methods

? how did they conduct their study?

? Subject Population

? Age, gender, etc

? Results

? What did the study find?

o What further research do you think needs to be done?

o Describe why you chose this injury/condition?


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