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EH 102-124
Essay 3
Due Dates: Peer Review Draft?Friday Apr. 1 by 11:59 pm
Instructor Draft?Friday Apr. 8 by 11:59 pm
FINAL DRAFT?Wednesday Apr. 13 by 11:59 pm
Length: 5 full pages Works Cited Page
Research: You will use a minimum of 6 sources, of which at least 3 will be from the
Marx Library databases
Value: 150 points
Assignment: For this assignment, you are to write an essay in which you present a case in
defense of the thesis you developed at the end of Essay 2, your Argument to Inquire. You may
have to revise that thesis somewhat. Some of you may have to throw it out completely and start
over, but the aim here is to present to your readers a cogent, logical argument in defense of
your position on a particular issue.
It is more than an argument to assert: you are doing more than simply letting others know how
you feel about an issue. It is more focused than an argument to inquire: you are not simply
trying to discover where you stand on an issue. You now are attempting to convince your
readers that your stance on the issue is the correct one.
An argument to convince is competitive: you want to show that your position is the most logical,
so you are going to proceed by presenting the best reasons and evidence you can find or develop
to support your thesis. In an argument to convince, appeals to ethos and pathos are secondary.
It is all about logos?your own reasoning. Ultimately, although you want your readers to
accept your position, they may still say, ?Your position makes sense: it is logical. But I still
Understanding your audience is paramount. Your audience is your classmates, so when you
evaluate your information and the way you present it, you need to take into account what
information they need in order to understand the scenario and what information they need in
order to understand the opposing views sufficiently.
I. The Introduction needs to begin broad, but not too broad. It should provide relevant
background, but it should not begin your true argument. It should offer only helpful,
relevant information, and convince your reader your essay is worth reading. Most
2 of 2
importantly, it should provide a thesis to which each of your essay?s reasons are
clearly connected.
II. The Body of your paper should
a. Review the relevant sources on the issue, focusing on the logical arguments made
regarding it.
b. Present your case, with reasons to support the thesis and evidence to support the
reasons. In building your case, you should consider not only what information to
use but what kind of reasoning to use. Will you argue by definition, by analogy,
by cause and effect?
c. You must also refute the more prominent cases that are in contrast to your
III. The Conclusion should sum up your argument by restating the main idea of your essay.
It should also recap the main reasons supporting your thesis and leave the reader with
an interesting final impression by situating the issue in a broader context–why does
this issue matter?
Works Cited: Your paper?s works cited page will follow APA format. EH 102-124
Essay 2

Due Dates: Peer Review Draft?Friday Mar. 18 by 11:59 pm
Instructor Draft?Friday Mar. 25 by 11:59 pm
FINAL DRAFT?Wednesday Mar. 30 by 11:59 pm

Length: About 4 pages (approximately 1200 words) Works Cited Page

Value: 150 points

Assignment: Write an essay in which you inquire into a SPECIFIC ISSUE within the TOPIC you chose for your Annotated Bibliography. You will examine two opposing points of view about your ISSUE.

To inquire generally means to explore the complexities of an issue and the options available for resolving that issue. It means asking questions about a situation and seeking answers to those questions.

In this case, you will begin by writing an INTRODUCTION establishing what the issue is. Give the reader a brief overview of both the TOPIC and the specific ISSUE.

You will next provide summaries of the arguments for each side of the issue.

You will separate your ARGUMENT SUMMARIES into distinct paragraphs?each sub-argument should have its own paragraph.

Through the first two parts (INTRODUCTION and ARGUMENT SUMMARIES) you will maintain a neutral stance on the two opposing arguments. In your CONCLUSION, however, you will present a claim on the issue that will be the thesis for an argument on the issue to be used in your next paper.

Your audience is your classmates, so when you evaluate your information, you need to take into account what information they need in order to understand the scenario and what information they need in order to understand the opposing views sufficiently.

Arrangement: Your essay will have three parts.

Part I: INTRODUCTION of the issue, providing a carefully developed description of it, describing the major attributes of the context, and briefly identifying the issue and the major positions.

Part II: ARGUMENT SUMMARIES will have at least two parts. One sub-part will examine one of the major positions, showing us what that argument?s, claim, reasons, and support are and organizing these elements into separate paragraphs. The other sub-part would do the same for the other major position you are examining.

Part III: CONCLUSION WILL establish your own thinking on the issue now that you have examined it. It redefines the issue, the context, and the major positions, and it closes by presenting a claim that could be the thesis to an argument to persuade (your next paper).

Assessment: Your essay will be evaluated according to the Rubric handed out in class (and available under HANDOUTS on CANVAS). NOTE that a new category, RESEARCH, has been added to the Rubric.

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