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In the first paragraph or section of your report, state the findings of the assessments, the categories you were placed into, the percentage of the general population in the group to the extent that info is available, and some of their important issues.
In the next section (probably multiple paragraphs), explain in some detail what this research reveals about you. Use examples of values or opinions you hold. Explain why you hold those values and opinions. What about your background or experiences might account for those views? It is better to explore one or two examples in depth than many examples briefly. The goal here is to show that you understand the ideas of socialization and learning.
In the next section, explain why you agree or not with the assessment results. Use specific examples of values or opinions you hold compared to the assessment — what did the assessment get most right or most wrong about you? On the whole, are the assessments on point or way off what you think yourself to be?
The final section or your report is the most difficult while also being the most important part: create your own political ideology statement.
Craft a single paragraph that states your political ideology. This should be specific to you and what issues are important to you. This statement should not be broadly aspirational such as “treat everyone kindly or the same” This part is the hard work and should be at least 100 words but no more than 200 words.
Be sure that you include the pictures from your ideology quizzes either at the end of your document or uploaded alongside your document in Canvas.
Please note, at no point does this assignment ask you for your political party affiliation, nor does it ask you to include the political parties in this discussion. If you wish to incorporate one last section (you’re running short, or you like this topic and want to keep working with it, or whatever reason) you may discuss how your ideology — as revealed by the quizzes and/or crafted in your personal ideology statement — fits into the 2-party system in the United States.

Finally, note that I don’t have the time nor the inclination to worry about your personal political leanings. I can’t even prove that you were honest in your quizzes about what you really believe. You will be graded on how well you can explain the processes of and theories of public opinion and ideology, not whether I agree with you. Also, I promise, I don’t and wouldn’t agree with you… just on principle .

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