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How do siblings influence children’s personality and social development in childhood and early adulthood?
1. development stages: early childhood-adulthood2. developmental domains:
social development: problem-solving, social competence
intellectual developmentAPD1200 Final Paper: Self-Selected Topic in Lifespan Development (30%)
This assignment is your opportunity to explore a self-selected course-related topic of interest in greater depth. You will ask a question about a specific aspect of human development, and answer this question by reviewing the primary research literature (i.e., empirical articles available through the University of Toronto Library Catalogue). The content of your literature review should span at least two different developmental stages (comparing and contrasting, where appropriate), and should include at least two developmental domains (i.e., physical, cognitive, social, personality).
Examples of appropriate questions:
?What are the psychological effects (positive and negative) of spending time alone?
?What is the relationship between social media use and self-esteem?
?What is the difference between second language learning in children and adults?
Your assignment should:
1.Introduce the question you are asking, your rationale for the question, and the scope of your paper (i.e., age periods and developmental domains being covered);
2.Summarize previous investigations to inform the reader of the state of research, making connections across the articles;
3.Critically evaluate, analyze, and comment on the research findings in relation to the question you have asked, by identifying contradictions, gaps, and inconsistencies in the existing knowledge base; where appropriate, offer alternative interpretations or explanations for the research. Rather than an ?information dump?, take a ?point of view? on the literature.
4.Make a meaningful connection to formal or informal education. For instance, you might address one or two of the following questions:
?Given what you now know about developmental theory and research, what would effective education (e.g., instruction, curriculum, assessment) look like in relation to your topic?
?Is there a ?best? time or developmental stage to educate for your topic? Explain.
?What role does the teacher, educator, or other practitioner play in promoting development in the area of your topic?
?What is an example of an original curriculum piece or activity that may promote development in the area of your topic?
?If you had to design an educational program, community or clinical intervention, or develop a policy brief based on what you?ve learned in your literature review, what would that look like? Why?
(As a guideline, plan to use ~500-750 words on the implications for education section.)
The choice of topic is yours to make. It should be something of great personal or professional interest to you. While it can be related to your academic work in other classes, the topic should be sufficiently different from your other coursework.
If you wish to gain some preliminary feedback, please post a note containing a short description of your topic using the ?Private Message? function in Pepper (no more than a few sentences), or by emailing Dr. Wade directly ( before Monday, November 29th, 2021.
Additional Requirements
?Students often ask, ?how many references should I have?? You need to read enough of the primary research articles to be able to sufficiently answer the question you?ve asked. We expect that you will cite a minimum of 8 articles. You are encouraged to use your course textbook and are welcome to cite books or book chapters, but these will not count toward the 8 primary research article requirement.
?Your in-text citations, reference list, title page, and headings should be formatted according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), 6th edition.
?Your paper should be a maximum of 2,500 words (excluding title page and reference list). Please double-space your paper.
?Please upload your paper as a Word document and provide a filename in the following format: ?Last name, First name_APD1200_Final Paper? to your private Final Assignment Dropbox folder on Pepper.
Submission Instructions
Please submit your assignment to Pepper by Monday, December 6th at 11:59pm. Late assignments will be deducted 5% each day they are late.
Evaluation Criteria
Section Criteria
1.Introduction /4 The question that is the focus of the paper is clearly stated
The question that is the focus of the paper is sufficiently narrow
The rationale for selecting the topic and research question is clearly and explicitly stated
The two developmental time periods and two developmental domains being discussed are clearly stated
2.Literature Review /22 The articles chosen are relevant to the question being asked
Relevant findings from the literature are clearly and accurately described
Two developmental time periods are effectively explored
Two developmental domains are discussed in detail in relation to the topic
A critical evaluation of the sources has been provided, by identifying similarities and differences, contradictions, gaps, or inconsistencies, and/or by offering alternatives interpretations or explanations?
3.Connection to Education or Practice /10 There is a meaningful and thoughtful connection between the question being considered in the literature review and formal or informal education or practice
The implications for education that are described are specific and concrete, not overly general or abstract
4.Communication and Style /4 The assignment is well written (i.e., the writing is organized and cohesive, the reader can follow the ideas, the sentences make sense, the punctuation is appropriate, and there are few or no spelling or grammatical errors)
The assignment adheres to the required format (i.e., is structured according to the key questions, cites a minimum of 8 primary research articles, conforms to APA formatting standards, and does not exceed the word limit)
Total /30

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