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Read instructions in the word document attached (HOTEL TOUR ADA). Watch the video (Hotel Outline Assignment Explination) for detail instructions. Hotel Tour Assignment and Outline
You will need to examine a full-service hotel and fill out the outline on the next page about the selected hotel. The hotel can be either an independent establishment or part of a chain, but it must be one hotel, not the entire chain. The hotel must have at least seventy-five rooms and must have banquet/meeting space.
Example: Hilton America?s Houston (NOT Hilton Hotel Brand)
*If you are unsure if your hotel will qualify please seek approval from your professor.

You will become very familiar with this hotel by extensively looking at all aspects of the hotel by using their website. Many hotel websites have virtual tours of their sleeping rooms and banquet space so this will be helpful if you select a hotel with this feature.

Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Answered section I in detail for the selected hotel 1
Answered section II in detail about sleeping rooms of the hotel 1
Answered section III in detail about the meeting space for the hotel 1
Answered section IV in detail about Fun Facts or Unique Features .50
Answered section V in detail about the F&B outlets on property 1
Answered sections VI in detail and provided an overview of the selected hotel 1
?Assignment was completed in?outline?format provided
?No spelling or grammatical errors .5
Total: 6
Complete the outline below for your selected hotel and post on or before the due date. Every section must be answered to receive full credit. This report will be in OUTLINE format, not paragraph format.


Please use the outline format provided (fill in the required information)

I.Basic Hotel Information
a.Name of the Selected Hotel and Address
b.Website of the Selected Hotel
c.Hotel Brand it is associated with (Marriott, Hilton, etc?) or is it independent?
d.What classification is the hotel (luxury, full-service, limited service, resort, etc)

II.Sleeping Rooms ? (if it is not on the website, call the hotel and ask for reservations or ask on your tour)
a.Total Number of Sleeping Rooms
b.Any unique suites or guest rooms

III.Meeting Space
a.Total Square Feet of meeting space
b.Number of Ballrooms and/or Meeting Rooms/Board Rooms
c.Unique Ballrooms (such as roof top or with a view)

IV.Fun Facts or Unique Features
a.Any fun history about this hotel or unique features or near a special attraction? (such as has a famous painting, George H. Bush used to live there when he was president, or a Texas shaped pool, etc.)
b.Anything special that makes this hotel brand unique (such as DoubleTree gives cookies upon arrival)

V.Hotel Food and Beverage Outlets
a.How many restaurants does the hotel have on premise? Are they full service or limited service? Are they well known or owned by a famous person?
b.Does the hotel have a coffee shop such as a Starbucks or other quick counter service outlet? If yes, list all of them and provide a brief description of each.
c.Does the hotel offer a manager?s reception or complimentary breakfast?

VI.Overall Impression
a.What was your overall impression of the hotel?
b.What made you choose this hotel? Why in this city/state?
c.Would you like to work at this hotel one day? Why or why not?
d.Would you like to stay at this hotel one day? Why or why not?

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