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Introduction: This assignment will assist in you gaining a better understanding of the history of intergroup relationships and explain the ongoing significance of immigration in the United States.

This assignment fulfills/supports:

Module Outcome: You will be able to describe the history of intergroup conflict among indigenous culture, explain the ongoing significance of immigration in the United States, and give examples of the different obstacles each group has encountered.
Course Outcome: You will be able to Examine the history of the United States legal changes and civil rights movements affecting race, gender, age, and educational groupings. .
General Education Competency: You will be able to communicate effectively using the conventions of American Standard English in professional and academic environments. You will be able to demonstrate socialization skills that support cultural awareness and a global perspective.


This assignment will give you the chance to explore unique issues related to the history of intergroup relations among racial groups, and give examples of the different obstacles a specific group has encountered.

Choose one of the topics below to research based upon a contemporary issue that impacts one of the racial groups listed: (Native Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, Latino Americans- from chapter 5 in your textbook). You may also use our FTCC library (such as the FTCC databases), as well as: .edu., .gov. (no .com sites) as additional resources in your response. (Refer to chapter 5 in our textbook)

Choose one of the topics to research below: (Explain the history of the racial or ethnic group you are researching) –
Prompt- complete questions 1-3, based upon one of the social issues below:
1. What are some of the challenges this minority group has faced? Describe a specific issue that affects this population.
2. Discuss one of the social issues listed below: Why is this issue still an ongoing social issue/problem within this population today?
3. Why is understanding social diversity important to helping this population?(provide critical thinking in response to question # 3)

Lack of Native American history taught in schools, (K-12)
?Indian Casinos- have they been beneficial or detrimental to Native Americans?
Mascots and Native American Protest- are mascots sterotypical? Why or why not?
Racial desegregation of African Americans in schools: due to 1954, Brown v. Board of Education- has this supreme court decision eliminated inequality in schools today?
Challenges of voting and voter suppression within the African American community
Asian American immigration and stereotyping of the Asian community in the U.S.
Challenges of Latino American immigration and stereotyping in the U.S.
African Americans and racial profiling? What challenges exist today?

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