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For this essay, you will pick a controversial issue (see Discussion Board # 3) and argue one side of the issue in a researched, well-reasoned paper. Almost any societal issue is possible, except for thosethat have been argued in society for so long that everyone has effectively already made up their minds and arguments for or against are largely ignored — the prime examples are abortion, gun control, climate change, and the death penalty.
At a minimum, your writing will:
Focus on and support one side of the issue.
Provide detailed, researched answers for the support.
Acknowledge and refute the opposing side’s key points.
Be at least 1,000 words in length (roughly four pages with proper formatting).
Include at least three sources from the Library’s databases.
Follow the basic essay format.
Introduction with a developed controlling idea
body with supporting details
Follow expected MLA and formal writing standards, including:
Times New Roman, 12 point font
Double spaced
1-inch margins on all sides
A proper heading on the first page (not in the header)
DO NOT use first-person pronouns (I, me, my, mine, we, us, our)
DO NOT use second-person pronouns (you)
DO NOT use contractions (say “cannot” instead of “can’t”)
THIS IS A RESEARCH PAPER. It is an argument, yes, but your persuasion must be based on research and facts. If you turn in a paper that has no research, you will not make anything higher than a 50.
You must pick a side. Do not try to ride the fence and say “well it has good points and bad points; who can say which it really is?” Of course your essay will acknowledge both sides, but you must make an argument one way or the other. Hist 2 UNIT 1 Written Assignment Manifest Destiny and Ethical Reasoning
DUE: 1/24/2022 by 11:59 pm

*12-point font *Standard Font (nothing fancy; black only) *Maximum of 1-inch margins *Minimum of 700 words (approximately 2-3 pages) ? I will use word count to determine the final length of the paper. Paper must be either a Word document or PDF submitted through the Blackboard Assignment Tool.

This assignment will ask you to consider your personal core values and if, and/or how, those values can be applied to historical persons and their actions.
?Manifest Destiny? is the idea or concept that the United States is ?divinely ordained? to expand westward in order to spread American principles. Our purpose in this paper is to analyze the actions of the immigrants who moved west during this period and to judge them in the context of your core beliefs and ethical values.
Before beginning your paper, read your textbook regarding westward movement in America during the middle to late 1800s. I also encourage you to seek other sources for your understanding of Manifest Destiny. This is not a formal research paper, so you do not need a bibliography or citations.
Assignment Instructions

Title with Name: Centered at top of first page: Example:

Manifest Destiny and Ethical Reasoning By Kevin Wooten
Paragraph 1: What are your core beliefs? Core beliefs are fundamental principles that consciously or

unconsciously influence your ethical conduct and thinking. It includes how you treat your environment, yourself and other people. Ex: Be kind to others; Be a good steward of nature; Never back down, etc.) These core beliefs

could be innate (naturally occurring) or could be learned from one?s environment (family, peers), religion, culture (societies values) or training (school, government). You should describe at least two of your core beliefs and how you believe you acquired them. Explain how your do, or do not, act on them in your daily life.
Paragraph 2: Consider other people from other places/environments. Is it possible that under certain circumstances that it is acceptable to alter, ignore, or reject your core beliefs based on their individual circumstances? In other words, is there a ?gray area?? For each of your two core beliefs describe theoretically how and why your ethical standards might not be used. In other words, put yourself in another person?s shoes. What situation might arise where it is acceptable to alter from your core belief?
Paragraph 3: Explain, in your own words, Manifest Destiny. Consider the reasons behind it and, more importantly, the actions of those people and organizations (government, military, businesses, religious groups) who were part of it. Giving at least 2 specific and detailed examples, describe ways in which they went against your personal core beliefs.
Paragraph 4: Explain why it might be acceptable under the circumstances in which they lived. What personal factors and/or events may have led these people and/or institutions to act as they did? What was their ethical justification/reasoning?

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