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Do not PLAGIARIZE – aka copy off the lab.

Copying or presenting someone else?s work as yours are considered plagiarism and academic misconduct. It can have serious consequences.

YOU MUST PARAPHRASE aka rewrite the sentence in your own words without altering the meaning or intent of the original author.

Your pre-lab must be composed of the following parts (if you do a good job the very first time, there is less to worry about for the lab report)

Times New Roman, size 12, double spaced, justified format.

Purpose: State the purpose of the experiment in your own words. This will be a broad statement on the purpose of the lab.

Introduction: This section should cover the chemistry concept(s)/theory involved in the experiment. Explain what this experiment is about and how the goal of the experiment will be accomplished. The introduction should not be lab procedure. Use your own words but please use your textbook as a resource in understanding and explaining the principles underlying the lab.

In this experiment the procedure will be part of the post lab so please do not include it in the pre-lab

LAB FILE BELOWProperties of Gases
Lab report for this lab:
Please read the Lab Report Format document before writing your lab.

In your introduction, you should discuss properties of gases and the relationship they have to one another. It would be good to read Section in your textbook to help you in writing the introduction. In this lab, you will use a simulation published by the University of Colorado. This simulation is called a PHET simulation.


This lab is based on the Gases Intro and Properties simulations. Please familiarize yourself with the program so that you can write the procedure section of your report before you actually tackle the program. The link to the PHET simulation and balancing game is below. Click on the link to launch the PHET simulation from the University of Colorado.

Gases Intro Link

Gas Properties


In this section, address how properties like the number of particles (moles), volume, temperature, and pressure are related to the ideal gas law. You will need to talk about how keeping variables constant can help you make light of the ideal gas law equation. Use evidence from your graphs as reasoning and verification for the information you gathered in the introduction.


Using the Gas Properties simulation, you will select certain variables to be held constant. The variable held constant will be the one not included in the data table.

Temperature (K) Pressure (atm)

Container Length (nm) Pressure (atm)

(We will use the length of the container to symbolize volume) *

Number of Particles
(moles) Container Length

Create three graphs in excel displaying the relationships identified in the data tables. Make sure to include titles, labels, R2 values, and linear fits.

Wrap up your lab with some thoughtful conclusions regarding the lab and the underlying principles. Include some of your major results. Please note that statements such as ?This lab was fun? or ?this lab was a waste of my time? will earn you 0 points. Such conclusions do not represent the thinking of a university student.

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