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Write a brief reflection and critical analysis based on the documentary film Healing Neen. This section should be about 1-2 pages. Please address each of the guiding questions below. As this is a brief paper, you will need to focus in on a couple of key points of importance.

Choose ONE system or social institution in the US to frame your analysis around. The film depicts the criminal justice (government), mental health and substance abuse (health care) and housing (social welfare or economic) systems the US. Choose ONE of these.
Guiding Questions
In what ways are discrimination and oppression perpetuated by social values, policies and/or institutions connected with the system or social institution you are analyzing in the United States (US)?
How do you see the inequalities in the US (as depicted in the film) impact the person on bio, psycho, social and spiritual levels? How does it impact the family, community and our society as a whole? How might other aspects of the environment such as culture play a role?
Which theory/perspective of human behavior do you think could help us understand and explain these impacts?

Which theory/perspective of human behavior do you think could help us understand and explain ?healing? in this case?

You may discuss meta-theoretical perspectives (systems, conflict, developmental, exchange & choice, psychodynamic, social behavioral, humanistic, social constructionist) or any of the specific theories discussed in class. Be sure to use concepts from the theory and specific examples.

Using this system as a model of socially sanctioned inequity and its consequences on individuals and communities, provide another example of a social issue where a group of people has been similarly marginalized, alienated or oppressed by social structures and social institutions. (This section should be about 1 page)

Finally, offer a few brief thoughts about how social workers could work toward meaningful change and support those impacted by the inequalities in our nation and the social issue you identified. Use the theory(s) you discussed to help you identify specific strategies for support and change. (This section should be about a ? page)

The completed assignment should be about 3-4 pages, 12 pt. font, double spaced and should adhere to APA Style. Note: Page numbers should be included in your in-text citations.


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