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tudents will submit a 2000 word (5-6 pages) research essay, excluding bibliography. The final essay must be printed in a double-spaced format (12 font), paginated, and with your name, course & professor, a title and a properly cited bibliography. Essays must have a clear thesis statement to be
argued throughout the body of the text. Essays must demonstrate strong research in support of the thesis.
Students will ask one critical question about the relationship between mass communications and Canadian society. As such, each essay must include a critical analysis of a particular development in media and its impact, or potential impact, on Canadian society. The essay should build upon a theme
identified in class discussion or in one or more of the articles/works under examination throughout the course. Your point must be unified throughout and introduced by a clear thesis statement in the first paragraph. Students may strengthen and develop their original argument by drawing upon their own experiences, however, the main focus of the paper must demonstrate clear applications of the resources cited. Sources outside the eight (8) scholarly works required may be used to support your thesis but must be from a credible source

The pdf that I uploade whcih is inclass reading. Here are some books:
The Tower of Babble: Sins, Secrets and Successes Inside the CBC
Media divides : communication rights and the right to communicate in Canada

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