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After reading through the chakra handout, I want you to identity with 3 characteristics of the Chakra that either have great meaning to you or something you don’t relate too. For each characteristic chosen, explain how this characteristic relates to you and reflect on how this is manifested in your life. And lastly, identity if this characteristic is a strength or something that causes issues in your life. These 3 characteristics will come into play for your final paper, which will be explained in more detail later in the semester.

Lastly, after practicing the yoga flow pertaining to Ajna, please answer the following questions:

How did you feel during the yoga practice?

What posture or part of the practice did you find the hardest and why?

After completing the yoga practice, how does your body feel?

What did you think of the meditation section of the practice? Did you find it hard or easy and Why?

Can you reflect on meditation practice? Were you able to relax? Did you see anything with your eyes closed?

Chakra Six ? Ajna

Location: Pineal gland at the center of the brain, Third Eye Element: Light
Mantra: OM Color: Indigo
Purpose: Pattern Recognition
?Our thinking process is believed to be 90% visual and these images affect our conscious and unconscious mind/behavior and all that we do. They distort the nature of what we see, creating illusions that we then take for reality.
?Awakening of consciousness requires clearing the third eye of illusion so we can see what is within and around us without distortion.
?Ajna means to perceive and command Demon: Illusion

Basic Issues of the Sixth Chakra

1.Opening the 3rd Eye
?Through light we are blessed with ability to see, to take in from a distance the shape and form of things around us.
?Physical perception tells us that something exists, but only inner sight can tell us what it is.
?3rd Eye ? organ of inner perception
?Sixth chakra is to see the way and bring the light of consciousness to all exists within and around us.
2.Pattern Recognition
?The way by learning to recognize patterns
?Patterns reveal the identity of a thing what it is, what it is for, how to relate.
?Opening the 3rd eye allows us to continue to look, we can see beyond and perceive even deeper patterns and meaning.
?Once we recognize a pattern, we can intuit what it will become and guide our actions accordingly. Beginning of wisdom.
?Insight ? ability to see within, the ?aha? of recognizing a pattern seeing where it relates to larger picture and seeing what it means.
?It is within the self that the info from our experiences has gathered and is sorted in our memory. It is only by seeing within that we can cross- reference that info and recognize meaningful patterns.
?Demon of 6th Chakra
?Illusion wrests our consciousness from open-minded perception, fixing it upon a frozen image.
?Holds of how something should be is usually an image of what it currently is not.
?Illusion feeds the excessive 6th chakra and it becomes an obsession or delusion.

oObsessions fix an unusual amount of energy on a particular issue.
oDelusion assembles elaborate illusions around a central theme.
oThe more we invest into a illusion ? the harder it is to let go of it.
?As bits of information assemble and begin to reveal the identity of the whole ? we work with archetypes.
?Archetypes are a composite of images from experiences that are constellated by a common theme.
?Archetypal image ? not fully integrated into ego then we are subject to illusion.
?To recognize an archetypal energy is to recognize its pattern and meaning, and then guide ourselves accordingly. To recognize the pattern of individuation as it occurs in our lives allows us to see where we are, where we are headed and what we need to do to get there. Insight directs action.
?Knowing our archetypal influences helps clarify our modes of perception.
?Unconscious subroutines in our behavior and belief systems are fueled by archetypal energies. Complexes equals subroutines.
?Over time, archetypes get invested with collective psychic energy and strongly influence the culture.
5.Image as Symbol
?Symbols are an immediate, whole-brain way of communicating about deep archetypal energies.
oMind perceives the archetypal energy.
?Symbols emerge from the unconscious through dreams and fantasies, creation of art and chance encounters.
?Most potent source is our dreams.
?Link conscious and unconscious mind, lower and upper chakras.
?Unlock the mystery that unites soul and spirit individual and universal, into a dynamic and synthesized whole.
?Open the way for us to see things in a new light, revealing hidden feelings and understandings, desires and needs, rejected selves, unused talents missing pieces of our wholeness.
?Profoundly irrational images that uproot the conscious mind and open it to something larger.
?Dreams are the psyche?s way of maintaining homeostasis ? of compensating for the lack of balance as we adjust our lives to external realities.
oCommunicate with conscious mind about health, relationships, work and growth and almost any other area in which we might inquire.
?Unconscious recognition of pattern
?Development of intuition enhances our psychic abilities and is a central function of chakra six.

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