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1) This is the video which would be based on the client due to me not having the

a client. I was given this a film as a choice to complete for midterm. I wa assigned to use the same film which is Film #2 Big Mama

Please watch the film and imagine Viola Dees (the grandmother) is your client, and you are helping her cope with the transition of her grandson to a residential care home.
Link is: or

2) For the midterm and final papers you will have two options- (1) to focus on an older adult client you have seen or are currently seeing in your field placement OR (2) to focus on A client provided by the class instructor should you not be working with older clients at your field placement. Both the mid-term and final paper assignments will require focusing on the same client. In other words, if you can, choose one that you feel confident in working with and writing about for both assignments.

The outside references for both papers should be (a) explicitly be written about older adults. (b) from scholarly sources (i.e., book chapters, articles, think tank reports, but not Wikipedia, personal blogs, etc.).

As always, the ideas from these outside references-as well as the course material-should be stated in your own words and incorporate proper APA format. Please refer to the academic integrity policy discussed in detail in this syllabus for more information. No abstract is necessary. A title page including student name, class and section, professor, and title of assignment is required.

Specific Instructions:

The end-of-term paper should be no more than 10 pages but no less than 5 pages and must use a minimum of 6 sources. Students can use more than 6 sources if they choose to. At least three readings must be from Modules (weeks) 8-13. You are permitted to use readings from earlier in the semester but they will be in addition to, not in lieu of, the later semester readings. In other words, sources used from class from earlier in the semester will not count towards the required amount of 3 class reading sources.

Questions to Answer for the End of Term Paper are:

Provide general details about the client with reference to the bio-psycho-spiritual-social you?ve already completed for the midterm (this is to set the stage for the rest of the paper. Should be no more two pages)

Describe and analyze your approach (or intervention) that you have used with your client (or plan to use). Be sure to include in your own words general information about the approach used (for example, if you decide to use or have used cognitive-behavioral therapy with your client, explain what this approach generally entails for aging populations) and why you chose this approach.

Reflect on challenges you have experienced with your client or imagine you may have as you continue to work together.

Describe any instances of transference or countertransference with the client.

Describe where there were or potentially could be any ethical dilemmas in the work with the client. For example, capacity and competency issues.

Reflect on what you have learned from this client experience and how this will influence your work moving forward with aging populations. Was there another intervention that may have better suited the client and their concerns? Is there any approaches you are interested in learning more about in working with older adults that we have not covered in our course, or would like to know more about?

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