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CST302 Personal Creed

Each section should include (a) 1?2 paragraphs on the evangelical view and (b) 1?2 paragraphs on your own personal reflections (1 paragraph = 4?5 sentences). Be sure to include Scripture references in parentheses in the first section (3 citations minimum).

Scripture and Truth

The Evangelical View: What do evangelical Christians believe about the inspiration, inerrancy, and authority of the Bible?

Personal Views and Reflections: What are your reflections on this doctrine? What is the source and standard of truth in your worldview?

Note that this sample creed does not include all of the topics that your creed
will. Also note that it does not include the sub-section that each of your sections will. This creed just gives you a sense of what a statement of faith (with Scripture references) should look like. See the instructions in the syllabus for more information on what your creed should include.

The Work of Christ
By K. Erik Thoennes
We Believe:

Work of Christ:
Jesus was without a sin nature (Jn. 8:46, 1 Pete. 2:21-22; Heb 4:15) and was therefore an absolute sacrifice, was born of a virgin (Mt. 1:18-25; Lk. 1:26- 38), was killed for our transgressions as a substitutionary atonement, was resurrected from the dead, and ascended to reign with the Father and will return again (1 Cor. 5:24; Rev. 19:11).
Jesus came to restore the right relationship between God and man. This restoration profoundly effects man’s relationship with society and the environment as well. To fulfill this great task Jesus took on the roles of Prophet, Priest and King. As Prophet He represented God before man in being the direct revelation of God (Heb 1:1-3; Col 2:9). As Priest He represented God before men as mediator, intercessor and sacrifice (Heb. 7; 2 Cor. 5:21; 1 Jn. 2:2; Heb. 9:23-26). And as King in re-establishing His reign over all creation (Col. 2:15; Eph. 1:20ff; 1 Cor 15:45-59).

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