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Main Topic
Select a nursing theorist from course reading and material for further discussion and application in your paper.
Briefly introduce this theorist and their theory, and then apply the concepts of the theorist to nursing practice.
Thesis Statement: your thesis should center around application of the theory/theorist to nursing practice. The paper should not be a summary of the theory itself, but a thoughtful analysis and application of that theory to nursing practice. Your analysis and application should be supported with appropriate scholarly sources.

Format Requirements
Maximum 6 pages (including title and reference page).
Must be formatted per APA format and include appropriate citations and references.
Research minimum of 2 citations:
One textbook (other than course text) and article
Two textbooks (other than course text)
Two articles or textbooks, other than the course textbook)

General Format
Introduction to the theorist, including the purpose of the paper;
Thesis statement and its basis (e.g., experience, research that supports the theory, research that criticizes the theory, logic endorsing, criticizing, or refuting the theory);
Discussion (Body)
Full list of references cited.

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