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For this final project, you are to prepare a Disaster/Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for the state you currently reside in (Florida). This plan cannot look like the disaster plans already established for that particular state. Feel free to use some components from the original emergency plan. However, be sure you explain your reasoning for keeping the component.

You must develop a disaster plan you believe is effective and efficient for your state and how these emergency operations will help sustain your state overall. Think about this critically! Geographic location plays as major role in how often disasters may occur, and what type of operations will be used during an emergency situation. As we know, disaster/emergency plans do not all look the same.

Therefore, your plans do not have to follow a specific format. However, it must be structured in a way that is feasible to follow and understand. Please, use credible sources to help validate your findings and other outside resources to support your plan.

Here is an example for the state of South Carolina Emergency Operations Plan:

Submission Requirements
Your response should be no less than 12-15 pages of written response.

Discussion will provide the detail necessary for the reader to understand your thoughts and what you have learned. Separate ideas by Headings.

Similarity scores are expected to be less than 20%. Similarity scores greater than 40% will automatically be returned for rework and resubmission. Avoid using the author’s ideas or quotes to answer the questions. They can support your ideas, but cannot be used to answer the questions.

Information that is acquired from a source must be cited in APA format.

References should be cited in the body of the paper in APA format.

Multiple valid sources must be used.

Sources are peer-reviewed journals (primary), books and trade journals (secondary), news publications or other non-vetted sources (opinion pieces)

Wikipedia is not a source.

Your completed paper should be double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman font, with title page, abstract, conclusion, and reference list, following the APA format. It should be saved as a Word (*.doc, *.docx) file and uploaded here using the following naming convention:

Enter the following on the Title Page of your paper:

Course Name: FES4825: Disaster Response and Planning
Module Number and Assignment Name: Final Paper
Student Name
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Structure of the paper:
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Reference Page

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