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As Andrew Zolides (2020) writes in your readings for last week: ?For Twitch, content
moderation goes well beyond policing what is appearing on-screens; it is about creating
privileged systems for cultural expression and economic success in the form of monetary
benefits, both direct (subscriptions, tips) and indirect (advertisers, sponsors).? Inspired by
Zolides, this participation assignment asks you to identify the cultural and economic norms that
are embedded in the most recent community and/or content guidelines belonging to a platform of
your choice. Using and CITING evidence from these guidelines, you will reflect on what cultural
value(s) are being expressed through these guidelines.

? For your 1st point, you will introduce and link the community guidelines of a platform of
your choice.
? For your 2nd point: you will QUOTE one part of the community guidelines that you
think is interesting for any reason.
? For your 3rd and 4th points: You will reflect on the cultural value(s) embedded in this
specific community guideline you have quoted. What cultural values does this
community guideline reflect for the platform? What kinds of expressions (and users) are
privileged by these guidelines?
? For that pivotal 5th point: imagine a scenario where transgressing this particular guideline
might get you banned from the platform. What action would a user have to commit on the
platform to violate this guideline and value? Here, you can be creative!

You CAN choose Twitch, like Zolides, if you want, so long as they are the most recent
guidelines. Some platforms might refer to these guidelines as ?community standards? or other
similar words. What matters is you are citing and reading where the platform communicates its
community and content moderation standards to users.

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