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There are two interviews group, one of them the NGOs and the other one is the students, and there are five similar frequency words (value, technical issues, experience, virtual, brainstorm/ing). Describe the similarity of these words in the two interviews groups.

I highlighted t the five words in the two files, one for the NGOs interviews and the other one for the students interviews.Keyss interview with 6 students

Skeaker 1
If you can tell me what was your overall experience with the Peace project? The first one, the course the platform identify your passion and purpose in life renowed

Speaker 2
Yes. Okay, I will start. So we’re speaking about the passion and the first.

Yeah, it was actually great. And at the beginning, I was like questioning myself Why am I doing this? But at the end, I like it was a great experience. It made me confident when I saw the live shot the life goals charts in front of me. I really like it. Like, at the end I could see like the things the markable things that that I need to know in my lives.

was your overall experience my first cause my case level of platform identify your purpose and passion.


Can we improve it in the course?

Yeah, there was like technical issues, but also the handler. Like it made me like, there was a pattern that you will re do all over the mission and, and vision and those things, the questions itself from the start point and I press it by mistake Lee and I repeated everything. So that was the only thing better?

Okay. So so Rena, do Maya Do you feel any that this type of programs has any value? Okay, if so on. Health are you interested in me for the no we have more than more of these kinds of programs. Especially for your age group. Okay.

Yeah, this is thing I liked it. But I think if it was like toward like, a younger age group, like for example, people who are in high school and intermediaries, they will like really like it and it will help them a lot and their career path and like starting point, what they should because to concentrate about about their life and so on. But I like it and my age. I really liked it and it made me way through wise things and yeah,

okay, perfect. Maya, Maya by the way, I’m not sure are you like a high school student or from the university?

No, I’m from the University. Okay,

so same question. Do you feel that this type of program has value how so?

You are holy animal CQL Yes, hello pathetic oneness which had never been Argento con come on focus extra rally believe it was me before him occurred. Okay.

Can we not just be a little bit more specific in what they would have expected to see in the, in the course. So when they say that it could be more targeted towards a younger age group? So is there something that they believe was missing, or they wanted to see?

Actually, there was nothing missing. But if it were to work, like younger group, they will choose their path correctly, and it will help them in the college and things. It will help them in their future decisions. Because, you know, like students and intermediaries that are now they have to choose what or what career they want, and so on. And I think they are in so young age to choose and decide what they should do in the future, like, for, like, less than 15 years, and I have to decide what I’m gonna, like work forever. So this kind of programs will help them decide better?

And what about you? How did it help you exactly? What was the outcome for you?

The outcome for me, like giving me more confidence about what I have chosen for myself? Because, you know, I have a lot of hesitation since I went, since I got in my college and so on. And I always like, didn’t know, how could I confirm those hesitations? That I did choose the right path? And, or should I like, change it? Then after I took them? The course. It helped me like point out then boring things that all Yeah, so I chose correctly. So I will not regret it like after five years or 10 years when, like I’m working in a company and it’s like for life. Thanks.

07:30 younger age group
Okay. So I totally agree with you right now, ideally, this our first course, are targeting the young kids like around 1314, because as you said, that will help them a lot with their life decisions. So how would you rate the overall format for the program in general? Like, would you keep it for four weeks, like the NGO apart? Did you like it this way or not? Or

are the NGO or by I really wished that there was more time with the NGO, like working on the programs, more in details and so on,

more time as in more weeks or more time during the exact week, because it’s was for a whole month? Every Saturday, you will meet in person. And during the week, you will work together and like with your own, like with their WhatsApp or your color? You want it to be more than that.

Yeah, more than that, like per week, like for example, instead of one session, maybe two were like good at the beginning of the Week and the end of the week. So something that we can work on like nuts, just one session in the end of the week. Okay.

But you like the theme of like the, that’s four weeks. I mean, like it because some people like suggested that they want it to be like a full weekend experience like a boot camp, like an entire day, for course one an entire day for the NGO. So do you would you prefer this way or you prefer like for like, four or four weeks?

No, I prefer to four weeks because if it was like in like for what for one week or two weeks? Maybe some people can’t join in that day, that two weeks or that week. They have other things because for example we are in college. The four weeks blank was good for us. Because you know we have a lot of assignments, a lot of quizzes and so on. So told us like manage our schedule.

But don’t you think if you did it like if we decided to do it like for for the weekend experience, the student or the participant when they decide they will join this program, they will commit there Sell that two days for, like four keyss that so they will know there’s casual and fast. And they will have that experience like with a bigger dose, you know, they will do everything with two weeks. Two days. Sorry. So would you think that’s something you want to try? Or no, you’re prepared the same way you did? Yeah,

I guess I will try it. It’s interesting to like have a full day. Like word count. But because I didn’t try it, I tried the four weeks blind, like, one day each week. I found it like, not bad and suitable for me.

I understand. Thank you. Maya, what? What do you think? How would you rate the overall format of the program? Like would you keep it as well for four weeks? Or you would refer it if it’s like an absolute an entire there would be like the same way? The same way that you do for weeks? Yeah. Okay. My Medina, do you have any questions you want to ask? Okay, so I guess that’s the questions I have from my side. Sarah, and Lana, Keisha. And if you have any questions you want to ask.

Thank you, Donna. I have I have couple of questions from the NGO team. Introducing the team and my colleagues followed. Hello, and Michelle. So we have around five to six questions goes to the students. So our first question, How did you know about keyss program? And how was it explained to you? What was the brief that given to you before starting the program? So it’s two questions in one? First, how did you know about the program itself? And how was it explained to you? Anyone may not.

Yeah, for me, it was explained to me by our university, and it was I’ve when I read what the university give us as a description for it, I sold and under I believe that it is a good opportunity. This is why I took it.

There were other programs, only key ones keyss was the one which was explained by the university. Was it the only option? Many options and you chose keyss?

Yeah, sometimes they give us other options, but I chose.

Okay, so it was okay by the universe. From your point of view, how does keyss prepare you for future it’s only helping you in choosing the majors that you want in university, or it gives you a career path as well. If you choose this major, you will be getting this and that.

13:31 overall
Yes, for me, it is helping me choosing my major in the future. Because I already chose my, my career, my I’m sorry, my major in college. So when I want to, like choose my job in the future, I don’t want to like because you know, jobs are for life. So I have to choose correctly.

We have had a session with NGOs. And we know that keyss program is full of questions, exams and worksheets and it’s full of activities as so which which type of learning do you enjoy most? Is it the exams part? The questions part or the works? Are the case studies that you’re like?

Yeah. We know that kids program is about questions and exams and worksheets and grew. And team works and so on. Right. So would you would you recommend to have any other type of learning in that background or that that worked fine for you? Mary?

Yeah, I think that worked fine. For me. The most part I liked was the teamwork. And some of the questions and exams that we should do. Okay,

It has been asked some of the questions been asked done by you on the team. But I have a question that depends on the length of the program. It’s four weeks. And most of the students recommended to have a longer do you recommend that to have the course, or the program to be longer or to be leveled, for example, this is level one, and you move to level two and level three. And that

is actually I was one of the people who said that it should be longer because yes, we needed more time. And I really wanted to work more like have, like more details and go more in depth in the program itself. And in the I don’t know, sorry. Yeah, the program itself that we did and work with the NGOs. I didn’t understand what do you mean by level?

Levels? I mean, okay, if you have a better grasp of four weeks, this is level one, you just complete it and you get a certification of that level that’s completed successfully, and you’re eligible to move to the next level, which is a higher level with more details and more information.

extending that time from four to six weeks, you get there. Okay, good.

Okay, good. Ah, you have joined keyss during university. So you have chosen your major. So after, did you complete the program or not yet? Nyan tract? Which program? The keyss program? Did you completed the course? Sorry, sorry. The online courses? Yes.

that? Yes. What was changed? How do you evaluate yourself before the taking the course? And after taking the course? Would you do it again?

Yes, I would do it again. And as I told you before, I had some hesitations before when I entered the college and so on. Then the course the online course give me like a some point of view about what I did right and what I did wrong about my career.

On the last question, would you recommend keyss to your colleagues friends? Yes, of course I would. And the reason

because it’s a good opportunity, it will help them finding out about their sell them themselves to get more and the opportunity to work with NGOs and work in programs something out of you know, college experience was good.

you have no no. That kind of come into your head when you think of the keyss program.

19:13 overall
, it’s an amazing opportunity.

and your configure verse by level tiny method and conditional Tabaka Kamli I endure assessor oh my god so that’s how a

horrific run it with come Luma Basanti and chronometer chronometer, Magna hollows, but If Mahalos man had the limit for something productive in Soweto family, and welcome other shakable out of Soraka Sammarco. So basically Sora Maya is saying that she would love to hear that because the, the what she did with the NGO was all planning for the project that they are, they were say any change that they want to do. So she want to also be part of the actual, like the implementation of that project. So she was saying, and now I would love to actually see that as collude said that, like maybe it’s a level. So the next level for her to see the actual project happening. But actually, that’s one of the things that doctors are Asara always mentioned that case partner was in it, but you and the NGO can continue together until you finish a project. No, it’s my

Maybe you can start with the first question. What was your overall experience with the Kisa project? Like the first one that and the platform that identify your purpose and mission in life?

I think I really like the experience in the activity because it reminded me a lot from my child stuff from my childhood. Basically, through the program, I was reflecting on what I had done, and they helped me like, cancel out for example, things like jobs I wanted to choose and like

helped guide me to the purpose that I want to do. Amazing.

Okay, for example, one question was like, What do you like to do in your free time? Or? I guess? How do you like to spend your time something like that? And I wrote like dancing then at any after I got my inspiration sheet My strength is dancing. So it wasn’t like that

wasn’t make sense. Doesn’t make sense.

Yeah, I agree to err on that point. I had the same thing. Maybe. I agree to draw her the first part, the one with the childhood reflecting to my childhood. I enjoyed that part so much, even though it took a lot of time. It took the most time, but it was a great

experience. But I didn’t like at the end, even though I got my inspiration

Yeah, I was gonna say that I do agree with most. With most statements. The people said, for example, I believe it was our who stated that the questions were a little bit vague. And I kind of agree with that. I felt like they did not specifically guide me towards the end product of the inspiration sheet. However, generally, I thought it was a very nice activity, it helped me understand more about myself. So you know, it has its pros and cons. But generally, I thought it was a great experience in order for me to know more about myself.

Oh, yeah, I agree with what Ottawa said. And I also faced technical issues. But overall, I think the program was pretty great. Um, the thing is, I feel like maybe the program should have added more like different questions

about like, the questions like, it didn’t really help me that much understand myself. It just shed some light on it, like eliminated to me again, you know? Yeah. But that’s it. It was great. Thank you, Nora. Okay, Tibet. Do you feel that this type of program is the academy, like the first course the master session? And the NGO

journey you had? Do you think? Or do you feel that this type of program has value? Or how so?

Yes, yummy. Yeah, definitely. This program was very, I believe it was very important specifically, like for people like me, like, for example, one of the things that I struggled with, is that like, now I’m like, like, almost like a, like Christ and senior, so forth. Like, soon like, we have to know where we want to head to. And I feel like this is something that I still struggled and because I have so many passions, and I wasn’t able to single it out specifically to what I’m most passionate about. So getting the experience to work with NGOs, and other people and you know, collaborate on projects helped me to kind of shape my path and know what exactly I want to do what I what I will, most likely Excellent.

There was kind of a preference after I finished the program.

Yeah, I like the session with the life coaches so much it helped me to understand myself more and discuss some aspects of my personality, and imagine how I would like to work or what I would like to do in the future. Also, working with the NGOs helped me to kind of experience the workplace and how I will react what

tasks I would prefer to do,

what I’m good at and what I’m not or need to improve. So it was really good experience. Thank you, Ira. Marian. Whenever you have questions or anything, just let me know. nor his or her, you can?

When I did my inspiration sheet, and I get the result, most of my result was was talking about my passion, which is drawing, designing, and all these things. And as a finance student, I definitely feel like I’m in a wrong place in my university. But when worked, yeah, it actually helped me to know that I’m not in the not in the place that I really wanted to. And it’s kind of clear for me, but when I worked with the NGOs, and you get more closer for the workplace, that is pretty much similar for the finance environment, I think I kind of find a new passion, maybe like, it’s not that bad. Okay, I know that I like designing, I like drawing and all these stuffs. But

this meeting this team working,

trying to put a plan, trying to see the reasonable resources and allocate everything. This is kind of finance work in a way or another. And it is pretty good. It’s It’s beautiful, actually. So I think it’s showing me that maybe I’m not really in the right place, but I can do it.

. But I would like to add,

even though I’m looking forward to Saturday, because it was the meeting day. And this is like the first part, we all get in zoom and take the icebreaker together. Because it took a lot of time. And it wasn’t as active was as it should be. Because

NGOs to talk. And usually I felt like yeah, we could do it the doughnuts in the with maybe like I was a Shem. We could donate in Shama more effectively alone. No, I was learning. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you, Sam, no, Nyah.

I kinda have to disagree. Because sometimes one of our ideas are different than other people’s ideas from we, from the icebreaker, like, each icebreaker had an idea. So we got different, different answers to hearing different teams talking about their answers for that, like I really liked.

By how would you how would you rate the overall format for this program? And would you keep it as a test, they were four weeks follow up can if we decided to do with like a boot camp for two days. One day for the course. The first course, I believe newer, Zaha said she wanted the course to be more interactive. So we will have like a one session long one we will have

the coaches will be there. We’re going to be there. So we will have we will do the first course all together. Then the second, the second day, we will have the NGO day. And we will work with them since the from like from starting the idea till the end of the day when we will come up with like a small project or a small plan. Would you love it to be this way? Yes.

13:59 four weeks
No, I would not like it to be that way. Because I was actually gonna mention that for weeks actually felt less than what was required. Because, yes, four weeks was the it seems a lot but then you need to consider that like in terms of meetings, we only like had one meeting per week. Right? And it’s like, not that much. Actually, when you’re working on a project, it felt like more was required. And from what I even heard from other people working with other NGOs. They also didn’t get to really finalize their projects in these four weeks and they actually need more. So I believe like two days boot camp would be not you know, not very sustainable really. Unless if we’re going to make it a very, very miniscule project. Otherwise, the you know, if it’s something like a mid sized project, it requires at least four weeks but like more is better. Okay. And I would consider okay a deck

Okay, I kinda agree with the admin Yes. For working on a project for meetings and one meeting per week, I guess it’s not enough.

So I guess it would be better if two meetings per week forum for a whole month, four weeks, or one meeting per week. But for more like for more for more than four weeks, and the

the interactive course, if we would like to make it like interactive and

all of the team together, it would be better if it two days, two days for two hours, three hours, maybe? I don’t know. But it will be

the first part the first step the course you want it to be this way, but not with the NGO. That’s what you’re saying. Yeah, if the course not online, and

like, all of us together, interactive, it will be better if it two days face to face. The NGOs leave it as it is, but more meetings. Okay. Thank you, our noses are hurt.

I just want to make sure you the the idea that you suggested was

like the same duration which is four weeks, but two meetings per week, like eight meetings in total, right? That was your first clear No, no, no, I’m saying one full weekend. One an entire day, we will take the course one with the coaches and the master session that the next day we will will be on site with the NGO. Would you prefer to try the end? Would you prefer to try this format? No, I actually prefer the hours per file or was plan more

like more realistic even it’s gonna be better if we like as you asked it in the first place to finish the course and then start with the NGOs. So I think it’s gonna be better as other words suggest.

and only certain other SLBMs Kafeel and I agree with Dr. Marina. Sadhana sola to the project McCann and in a look at caffeine in here. Project fee. But I think Danny a tweak it’s no

two weeks more

nifty little blocks for the liveness and the smoke itself. In regard to the board, warm kids, Gila mountain and cupola Madonna’s make drama salon scimitar in Serbia, Qatar to invest to be in America by Tokaji, the twisted sob has a tough yo, the word Kavya Lazzara.

about Donna’s question is the course itself the case course that you took online? Would you prefer that it’s taken on a single day?

From morning till evening, and then you have help with the questions, you ask the coaches? Is that something you would like?

I did it in one day.

The course like the finding your passion and inspiration sheet.

Right. But would you prefer that format for us to be there with you? That is in one day with all of you, and then you receive your certificate in the evening? Suppose?

Oh, yeah, that would be nice. And then you’ll be with NGOs from the following week.


Oh, I think it would be better. Yeah.

Because technical issues and stuff. So we’ll have tech support, so help us there when you take the course.

Okay, so the other thing I wanted to ask was about the communication so what did you feel was good or lacking with the communications? First is the timing of the communication and second is the channel like his email preferred WhatsApp preferred? What’s your favorite? You know, like means of communication?

Yes, yeah, man.

Yeah, about the communication. I thought we were more than informed because sometimes the same email would get sent over and over and over again. Like I don’t I think there was an error or something, but it would get spam, like the email would, would be sent like duplicate multiple times, even though it’s the same information. And it’s not over a span of days isn’t the same day like, I’d get the same email like three times. I don’t know why that happens. But this is the problem with the like, I guess, communication that I found. Other than that, I thought like the team would respond. Like on time, everything was great. In terms of communication. I thought there was no trouble. It’s just that sometimes the emails would get sent too many times.

Yes, I agree with them. And that problem have happened with me too. Like, the same information send like two or three times.

The team was very cooperative, especially when I had some technical issues.

decision that you made in zoom also was so helpful to solve all

the problems of this inspiration sheet. And I think email channel was effective. I like it. And the the timing that you take to respond with was very reasonable.

For me, both of them is amazing. are amazing, both email and WhatsApp. But for me, is your

connect to the with the WhatsApp, because it’s faster also. So it’s more preferred than email. Okay, thank you for Johanna.

I, yes, I faced some technical issues, and radica help me and they appreciate the fast to play. And I prefer image for more professional Shannon.

Okay, thank you so much. And about Slack, we had just experimented with slack as well. We thought that people use it to upload documents and stuff. Did you find it useful at all?

Can I interrupt? Yes, yes. Yeah. So honestly, I think WhatsApp was the more efficient way to go. Slack was like a bit slow. And like nobody really used it. Like no offense, obviously. I think WhatsApp was like, much better and much more easy.

Yeah. Yes, I agree with Hamza too. I any, I entered the slack and everything, but I didn’t really use it. I didn’t get any benefit out of it. All the informations I got from the email and I communicate with Shama through the WhatsApp, so everything going good without using slack.

. The first question is, how did you know about keyss?

Was And was there any other options? And then you decided to choose keyss because of its description of the content of the course.

I think for me, for me, it was my school counselor. So my school counselor was the one who, like she enrolled me in this from my suderman.

Until Did you get a brief about the program? And what’s the outcome of it? I was just told that it’s for like, you know, it’s like an innovative project. And that’s what also so that’s pretty much it. Okay, thank you. I’m adults, please. For me, I also got the invitation from my counselor. She basically sent an email describing the course

and she said like if you want to enroll your name, so she informed us like buy costs and yeah,

I got the informations about his project from one of the Student Affairs on

she she provided me the file a whole file with the all information about case project. So that’s why I I read about the course and the program. I like it. So I registered. So you found the descriptions directly. You chose to be perfect. Yeah. Excellent. Thank you.


I got the information about a case committee from the girl in college. She gives me the guidelines about this cars and toys amazing. So I decided to go through. Is that you mean? Is that your friends in college? Yeah, my friend. So she had an experience with the keyss and she liked it. And I know, I think she heard about it. And they and then she sent me. She said, Okay, let’s go like that. So you joined both together?

She can’t, but I can.

. I heard about kids project by I think volunteer club in our university.

I, one of my friends sent me I thought in the group, but then on my friend group, they send I think this format for the key project, and they’re adjusting and all these things, and what’s the outcome of the project? And all, we all found it interesting. We get to sign and yeah, we all got en accepted. And we are here together. Excellent. Excellent. Thank you for that feedback. My second question, do you prefer to have it always virtual or attending the courses? Participate in individually there? Are classrooms for example, or NGOs? Are you both Korea prefers to have them both mixed?

I think

they are better, they are easier to like feel you’re linked to them.

I think we had the two sessions, virtual sessions with our NGOs and hated. And I feel like I’m disconnected with them. I don’t I didn’t feel like ideas are flowing, just as we were in sessions. I like real ones.

Yes, I prefer virtual because they’re easier.

And I need

your keyss focus together.

And better outcomes.

Actually, I prefer attending

attending is easier to communicate, to brainstorm. Since more effective

I like the in person in person more than zoom, I hate zoom, actually,

known as participating in zoom enables just attending, there is no flow of thoughts. And it’s more interactive, to be in person to talk to share your ideas too many, I think it’s I like it more in person.

me too, I prefer that more in person than zoom, I don’t think virtual would get you more connected. And in the zone of thinking and brainstorming, I think when it’s in person, it gets everyone to be connected and makes you like, really feel the vibe of you want to work in the team. Okay, thank you, Nora. The other question is about the number of participants do you think the number is as a group is okay, so we can understand the kink and you focus on discuss you think it’s higher

28:46 Group number
or lower. For Mohammed, our group was actually not that big. It was like medium size, like small to medium size. And actually like that, because I don’t like when the size is very big. I feel like you know, they say the more the merrier. But I believe that actually like, the more the worse it gets because it becomes unproductive and chaotic. So I like the size of our group. It was like small size or medium size, and it was more than enough. Yeah, man. What’s your definition of medium size? What’s the number?

Well, if anyone from my head remembers, like, we were like six or seven, right? Oh, okay. So it’s less than 10.

Yeah, we supposed in my head to be like nine, but it didn’t always be. Yeah. Always could make it. So usually we were between eight and six. Yeah, that number was very good.

We are in timeout where the same eight eight students to 1010 Max, and not always the 10 people

pool can came. So it was a good number to communicate to brainstorm and to be effective. We actually done the project. So it was enough.

My other questions are next question is about your thoughts about the material, the online courses, do you think there is there has something to be changed to improve it?

Or despite, of course, the technical issues that you have mentioned during the session is the content of the courses, it’s very clear to you or you have to refer to someone to guide you and explain to

Yeah, the content of the course was Okay. Very good. But I would like to see it more specific, more deep. So I can explore more stuff and things about myself.

said, or mentioned, just highlighted some things we already know about ourselves. So if it was deeper and more specific, maybe we’ll discover new things about ourselves.

I agree.

Okay, which type of learning different keyss ? Do you prefer to have it as worksheets, or brainstorming or participating cases? So these are the materials that are being provided? The way it’s been delivered? is okay. And suitable for everyone?

I’m sorry, which sheets? They mean, exactly. I mean, the,

during the keyss trainings, you have to sit with NGOs, right? And do the brainstorming.

You have group working you have

any case studies, for example, during their online courses?

You mean the price value of the process is that it’s not sufficient to to suggest something else to be added to to make it more

practical, for example.

I guess it was sufficient enough. Yeah, it was effective.

Being together in the same place, communicating and

like exchanging thoughts and ideas, it was very effective, and I got the best outcome.

Okay, my last question is, if you go to the start point to do repeat the same experience with keyss.

You recommended to would you recommend to your friends? Yeah, definitely. Yeah. And it was a very great experience to actually get to experience with NGOs something like an opportunity I didn’t get before, like install this specifically. And yes, I would definitely recommend it to all my friends. Excellent, excellent. Anything to be added one, anything you want to add from your site not mentioned in the session? No. Nine

I actually, like I was posting about the program on my social media. And so many people asked me about it. And they asked me how to join. And like, I recommended them, for example, to join the workforce. That’s another program that’s going to be happening. So they were actually really interested. Because it really looks really nice. Excellent. Shukran, Dan, and everyone, this for all m

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