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Narrative Argument Essay
1200 words, double spaced- Rough draft essay and comments from teacher are attached.

Give us the background. Describe the events leading up to an experience that occurred at a particular time in your life. To describe the incident, appeal to the senses of hearing, smell, taste, touch, and sight. Give us concrete detail, description, and dialogue to engage the reader.
Show us the turning point where your viewpoint was shifted or your perception changed because of the incident.
Then reflect upon them. How did that incident and the turning point affect you then, and how does it affect your life now? How did it change you and what did you realize or learn as a result of the experience?Kassandra Misinec Robert Tindall English 103 03/24/2022
Depression and Anxiety in Teenagers

Teen depression refers to a severe mental health condition that causes a persistent feeling of loss of interest and sadness. It affects how a teenager feels, thinks, and behaves, resulting in
emotional, physical, and functional problems. There was a time when I was a teenager I faced depression and anxiety because of peer pressures and increased academic expectations. The pressure of peers and school was so much to bear, making me feel sad, hopeless, and empty.
During family dinners, I could not eat properly because my parents were always in my case

concerning my academic achievement. Coming from a family of doctors made the pressure even worse, which made me lose interest in and pleasure in usually pleasurable activities. Family dinners involved grilling and explaining why my GPA was not efficient and good enough to get a scholarship in medicine to continue the family legacy. My dad was very harsh and deeply
concerned about performance without regard for other issues. His criticism made me feel

worthless and fixated on past events and failures, which made me criticize myself and my ability to achieve the set family goals. My depression and anxiety persisted because I did not want to disappoint my family, making me live a sad and lonely life. This increased the need for reassurance by my father, which made me not express my emotions, and concerns about the pressure of academic expectation were affecting my emotions. My father was tough and

goal-oriented no matter the cost, which advanced my predicament, and I could not voice my opinions. I could not sleep most of the time, I felt tired from reading all day, and I could not taste food properly. The anxiety made me vulnerable to peer pressure, which ultimately changed my behavior resulting in alcohol and marijuana usage to ease the emotional stress caused by my family. This affected my performance, and I began skipping school to hang out with my friends. Substance abuse became the norm in my life because it created a sanctuary to escape from life pressures, especially the one caused by my family. At home, everything appeared fine, and my behaviors went unnoticed. However, teachers in school noticed my behavioral change and my performance decline, which made them concerned. They contacted my parents and talked to them, and my dad became furious because he could not fathom my behavior. The teachers tried to rationalize with him and convinced him that I needed help. Finally, I got the help I needed. My parents became wearier of the detrimental consequences of pressuring me, making me formulate a plan that improved my performance and mental health.
Teen depression affected most of my life in high school, and without help, it would have had severe consequences. During my sessions with the school counselor, I learned that
expressing emotions and communicating are the best tools to combat anxiety and depression.

Bottling everything up only puts a strain on mental health and increases the chances of depression. Therapy was a turning point for me, and it changed my perception of the incident. If I could have been brave enough to talk to my parents during the incident, they could have helped me. My dad explained that he pressured me to perform better and become a doctor because he thought that was what I wanted. Lack of communication and understanding led to the severity of my mental health condition, which could have been easily avoidable. Another turning point of

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